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Best Acne Cream & Lotion

Acne is a skin condition that affects most people at some stage in their lives. Skin cells, sebum and hair “clump” together to form a plug. This plug can get infected with bacteria, resulting in pimples. 

Acne cream prevent & treats Acne,Pimples and also helps to reduce the dark marks left after acne.

At PharmaClinix, best acne cream and lotion are designed to cater the needs of people from different locations all over the world. Acnex® and Acnex® Clear are formulated with effective ingredients to minimize the appearance of acne and stop them from developing further at the initial stage itself.

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Acne is particularly bad in dark skins, as they get worse acne flare-ups, with dark marks left after..
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Acnex® Clear
Prevents & clears acne.   REDUCTION of mild acne Blemish-free skin without harsh chem..
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Disclaimer : ***Results may vary in every individual***