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Acnex® Clear
Acnex® Clear
Product Code: Acnex® Clear 50ml
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Prevents & clears acne.

  REDUCTION of mild acne

Blemish-free skin without harsh chemicals!

  • Prevents pimples
  • Clears pimples
  • Reduces dark pigmentation
  • Oil free

  REDUCTION in lesions

Excellent for:

  • Mild Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Pre-menstrual break-outs

Anti-Biotic holidays


Directions of use:

Apply twice daily onto clean skin, massaging gently, until absorbed.



Octadecenedoic acid
Azelaic type Anti-Microbial Agent but 50 times more potent to kill all Bacteria on skin.

FDA licensed ingredient for Inflammed Acne (Papulex in USA and Nicam in UK)

Salicylic acid
Excellent fat-soluble Keratolytic that clears the Sebum duct blockag

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Disclaimer : ***Results may vary in every individual***