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Lightenex® Gold Serum
Lightenex® Gold Serum
Lightenex® Gold Serum
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Highest potency skin lightening serum with maximum concentration of powerful, clinically proven whitening ingredients that are targeted at the melanocytes to reduce melanin production.

Lightenex® Gold serum is developed for:

  • Most resistant Hyperpigmentation
  • Deep Dermal Melasma with hyperkeratosis

Lightenex® Gold serum is particularly useful for thick dark grey-black areas of skin e.g.:

  • Face as second line treatment after Lightenex Gold Cream failure.

  • Knees

  • Elbows

  • Back of the neck

  • Acanthosis Nigracans
  • For private parts and sensitive skin we advise to use Lightenex Body Lotion or Lightenex Plus Cream.

Lightenex® Gold serum is a strongly acidic de-pigmentation formulation. It is advised that when using it on the face for first time, it is applied only on alternate nights on soap washed and dry skin 2 hours before going to bed. Never use Lightenex Gold Serum during the day. Application of Sun Blockex SPF 50 twice during the day is mandatory even if indoors.

Some patients experience a slight darkening of the hyperpigmentation after 1-2 weeks of treatment. This is in fact an illusion because the exfoliation caused by the acid is pushing the pigmented dark area in  the skin to the surface eventually to peel off. Do not be alarmed and continue with the treatment.

The unique formulation is incorporated in a Nano-liposomal delivery system with the most advanced penetrating therapeutic technologies, so that maximum tolerable concentrations of powerful whitening ingredients are targeted at the Melanocytes.

Does not contain Hydroquinone!


Always shake the bottle well before every application.

When using this serum on the face please massage into clean dry skin on alternate nights ie 3 nights a weeks. You can increase this by one night a week so that by week 5 it is being used every night. This allows skin to develop tolerance to this strong serum and prevent irritation. Sunblockex®spf 50 is mandatory.Massage vigorously into the skin untill you feel stinging or tingling of the skin. This subsides within 2 minutes and ensures that the actives have penetrated the skin.

Never use the Lightenex Gold Serum during the day unless advised by a professionals.

When used on the body it can be used every night from the first week. (Shake Well Before Use)


Lightenex® Gold serum is a powerful active balanced preparation of exfoliates & depigmenters:


Alpha Arbutin

  • High strength Tyrosinase inhibitor

Beta Arbutin

  • Slow release Tyrosinase inhibitor

Kojic Acid

  • Skin whitener

Azaleic acid

  •  • Depigmenter & Keratolytic

Phytic acid

  •  Depigmenter, gentle exfoliant, Anti Oxidant

(Phytic acid chelates Copper & iron in skin. Copper is essential  part of the enzyme Tyrosinase which makes Melanin)

Ascorbic acid

  •  • Vitamin c, powerful skin whitener

Octadecenedioic Acid (Dioic Acid)

  •  Powerful Tyrosinase synthesis reducer Penetration enhancer

Salicylic Acid

  •  Fat-soluble anti-inflammatory keratolytic.Removes the superficial layer of dead skin cells, improving penetration of whitening agents to the hair follicles for deep dermal hyper pigmentation


  •  Stimulates epidermal cell turnover & helps reduce the thickened corneum stratum

Liquorice Extract

  •  High strength Tyrosinase inhibitor & Anit-inflammatory agent. Reduces melanin synthesis

Hyaluronic Acid

  •  Enhances Ascorbic acid absorption

Ferulic Acid & Mixed Tocopherols

  •  Anti-oxidant & Skin whitener

Glycolic Acid

  •  Enhances absorption of Ascorbic acid & Retinaldehyde

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Disclaimer : ***Results may vary in every individual***