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Premium Series

The Premium Series in the Pharmaclinix® range is designed as a full spectrum of skincare, for Men & Women.

The goal is to provide customers with the highest quality products and ingredients to improve the skin’s appearance and provide a regime that maintains and promotes healthy skin.

Specific problems e.g. hyper pigmentation, acne, scarring, stretch marks, anti-ageing, cellulite and associated conditions are addressed using the unique combinations of ingredients.



The Premium Series consists of:

Lightenex® Cream
Skin lightening cream

Lightenex Plus® Cream
Extra strength skin lightening cream

Moisturix® SPF 25
Long-lasting moisturizer with sun protection

Wrinklex® Cream
Muscle-relaxant, anti-wrinkle cream

Eyerix® Cream
Dark circles & bags under eyes

Skin Vitamix® Cream
Anti-oxidant vitamins cream

Lightenex® Body Lotion
Skin lightening body lotion

Lightenex® Face Mask
Skin lightening face mask

Lightenex® Face Scrub
Skin lightening scrub

Scar Repairex® Cream
Scar reducing cream

Acnex® Cream
Treats acne

Sun Blockex® SPF 50
Total sun block

Reduces & prevents stretch marks

Anti-cellulite cream

Pharmaclinix® For Men:

Lightenex® Cream

Moisturix® SPF 25

Wrinklex® Cream

Eyerix® Cream

SkinVitamix® Cream


Disclaimer : ***Results may vary in every individual***