Scars Treatment & Removal Cream

Scars are formed following any injury to the skin e.g. accidents, surgical, acne, mosquito bites, due to an over-production of collagen.

An effective scar cream should contain silicone, anti oxidants, proteins & vitamins to encourage normal cell growth and reduce the over production of collagen.

Our scar removal cream will give you best result in few days and its very effective to remove scar marks on the face. Scar treatment cream manufactured by PharmaClinix are easy-to-use and encourages growth of healthy skin over affected area in a small timespan.


A thin invisible film of skin is developed by the regular application of scar cream for acne on face, upper arm and other areas. This skin layer will gradually reduces appearance of embarrassing scar marks, and offers flawless and radiant skin complexion to the user. Regular and prolonged use of our products is recommended to achieve long lasting results.

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Scar Repairex®
For scars up to 2 years old. UP TO 60%   REDUCTION in Scar area. Scar reducing cream ..
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Scar Repairex® Ultra
For old, resistant extensive scarring eg. burns & keloids. UP TO 76%   REDUCTION ov..
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Scar Repairex® Smooth
Scar reducing cream Scar Repairex® Smooth contains anti-inflammatory agents, Vitamins C &..
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