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Lightenex             Skin Lightening Kit
Lightenex Skin Lightening Kit
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Lightenex Skin Lightening Kit

As you get older, your skin gets uneven skin tone due to sun damage & other factors. The hyperpigmentation is even worse in Asian & darker skins.

Now its easy to lighten your skin in five easy steps, using the Pharmaclinix Lightenex range, which has been clinically proven to show a visible reduction in pigmentation within 30 minutes.


For permanent results, you can get a significant lightening within a few weeks.

Step 1: Cleanse the skin thoroughly with mild soap & warm water

Step 2: Apply Lightenex Face Mask & leave it on for 20 minutes

Step 3: After washing off the Lightenex Face Mask, polish the skin using Lightenex Face Scrub

Step 4: Wash off the Lightenex Face Scrub & massage Lightenex Gold cream

Step 5: After 5 minutes, apply the Sun Blockex SPF 50 cream.

You can do the Skin Lightening Facial at home, on a weekly basis to see a real difference.

This facial is recommended by leading Aestheticians & Beauticians worldwide.


Lightenex® Gold cream to be applied at night


Sun Blockex® SPF 50 to be applied during the day.


It is recommended that you do the Skin Lightening facials once a week for maximum benefit.

The Lightenex Skin Lightening Home Kit contains:

  • Lightenex Face Mask
  • Lightenex Face Scrub
  • Lightenex Gold cream
  • Sun Blockex SPF 50

Disclaimer : ***Results may vary in every individual***