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Easter Offer
Easter Offer
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Under eye brightner

  • Formulated specifically to lighten the skin around your eyes and help to reduce dark circles.
  • It encourages production of Collagen (a skin protein) and Elastin, thereby improving the skin smoothness and elasticity, and slowing down the wrinkling process.
  • It suppresses inflammatory enzymes, therefore decreasing puffiness, swelling and signs of fatigue.
  • It strengthens capillaries, arteries and veins, thus reducing leakage and colour lines.
  • Corrects leaky blood vessels
  • Promotes new collagen to thicken the fragile skin, under the eyes.

In an independent dermatology-supervised test, 29 volunteers found that in 6 weeks results were:

  • Reduction in melanin (dark colour)
  • Reduction in under eye swelling

Reduction in wrinkles

Disclaimer : ***Results may vary in every individual***