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How to get rid of Hyperpigmentation?

Asian skin suffers from Hyperpigmentation or dark patches after:

  • Acne
  • Pregnancy
  • Sun damage
  • Laser damage
  • Hormonal changes
  • Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

You can now get up to 80% reduction in pigmentation within 12-weeks!

Skin lightening to treat Hyperpigmentation or Melasma is a very complex procedure, with different combinations of creams required for a specific type of pigmentation.

Lightenex® is the only specialist range of skin lightening creams, that has been specifically developed for Asian and darker skin.

It comes in a variety of strengths & formulations, using clinically proven ingredients, with independently published results.

Lightenex contains:

  • High strength Skin Whiteners
  • Antioxidants
  • UV filters
  • Melanin synthesis prohibitors
  • Depigmenters

in each formulation to give maximum results quickly.

Lightenex is now UK’s No.1 Skin lightening cream brand to reduce Hyperpigmentation and is actively recommended by leading Dermatologists.

You can even have a Free Online Consultation with our Skin specialist.

Just email us your photo & one of our Doctors can offer you advice.

Why wait? Try today!

To get a clearer & even-toned complexion, order your Lightenex cream on www.Pharmaclinix.com

How to get rid of acne in Asian & African skin?

Although People of all races/ages suffer with acne, unfortunately Acne leaves scars & dark marks in Asian & African skin.

You need ingredients that not only prevent Acne, but also to treat it & more importantly, clear the dark marks left by Acne.

It can take several weeks to clear the damage, depending on the severity of the condition.

For Mild acne, your Doctor or Pharmacist might prescribe creams containing:

  • Benzyl peroxide
  • Salicylic acid
  • Sulfur
  • Azaleic acid

However, their side effects are:

  1. Irritate the skin.
  2. Sensitive to sunlight, causing dark patches on the skin
  3. Dry skin, stinging skin
  4. Redness & peeling skin
  5. Bleach, pillow turns yellow or white

Normally used for 6-8 weeks

For Asian & African skin, two ingredients work really well.


Dioic acid not only reduces & treats acne, but it is also a skin whitener, so the dark marks left by Acne can be lightened too.

Niacinamide is an FDA approved drug for the treatment of Acne.

Both these ingredients, together with Salicylic acid are present in Acnex® cream by Pharmaclinix.

Acnex® cream is particularly effective in Asian and African skin, as this type of skin suffer with severe outbreaks, which are then left with dark marks.

The actives ingredients in Acnex® are:

  • Octadecenoic Acid
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Niacinamide
  • Cimicifuga Racemosa Root Extract
  • Glycyrrhiza Glabra Extract
  • Oleanolic Acid
  • Enantia Chlorantha Extract
  • Panthenol
  • Morinda Citrifolia Fruit Extract

You can buy Acnex cream on www.Pharmaclinix.com


How to look after your skin in summer?

Would you like to know how to look after your skin in summer?

Exposure to the sun can lead to premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, marks, dry skin, and even skin cancer over time.

It is imperative that you take the right precautions & skincare routine in order to not only maintain a radiant glow, but also to reverse sun damage.

You can avoid sun damage by: 

Wear Maximum protection, sun block cream throughout the year, with more regular applications in the summer. e.g. Sun Blockex® SPF50 by Pharmaclinix®

Stay out of the sun between the hours of 10am and 3pm. The hottest part of the day during the summer causes the most damage.

Avoid tanning beds. These are also linked to cancer. Its safer to use Self- tanning lotions.

Have a minimum of 7 hours sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to increased levels of stress hormones, which may slow the production of collagen in the skin, leading to premature ageing.

Using a toner

A skin toner will keep the pores closed and keep the skin cool. You can try rose water as its natural cooling properties are excellent for summer.

Use face wash

Clean your face at least twice a day to get rid of the grime. Lightenex® Face Wash by Pharmaclinix® is excellent, as it also whitens the darkened patches.

Exfoliate your skin

You should exfoliate your skin at least twice a week to remove dead cells which may be clogging your pores and also improving blood circulation to the face. 

Moisturize your skin

Use a rich moisturizer containing Anti-oxidants & Aloe Vera to hydrate & soothe sun burnt skin.

Drink lots of water. This not only hydrates the skin, but also flushes away the toxins, which can damage all organs, especially the kidneys.

Rinse skin after swimming.

The chlorine can dry out your skin or even result in an allergic reaction.

Avoid spraying Perfume on your skin in the sun.

This can permanently stain your skin when they react with the sun.

Excessive heat is known to put the body under enormous strain causing irritability, lack of concentration, exhaustion and sleeping problem along with a number of other factors.

By following these simple steps, you will not be able to protect against sun damage, but may even be able to reverse the damage.


How to remove dark circles?

Eyes, your biggest asset. I have often been asked about how to remove dark circles under eyes and about the best under eye creams.

Dark circles under the eyes is a common condition and occurs due to:

  • Genetics
  • Sun exposure as the body responds by making more melanin
  • Ageing causes thinning skin or the loss of fat and collagen, which makes the blood vessels underneath the eyes more noticeable.

The area underneath the eyes is thin and often appears darker with extra fluid retention.

  • Blue under eye dark circles in colour are caused by oxygenated blood pooling beneath the under-eye skin.
  • Brown under eye dark circles are caused by hyperpigmentation, which is caused by chronic eye-rubbing, sun exposure or genetics.

This is particularly common in Asian & African skin.

These dark circles are often treated using topical creams that contain stimulating ingredients that constrict blood vessels while temporarily increasing blood circulation.

The best Eye cream for Asian & African skin is Eyerix® by Pharmaclinix®.

Eyerix® is the only cream that not only reduces the bags under the eyes, but also has strong skin whiteners to help treat the hyperpigmentation or dark patches under the eye.

Eyerix is formulated specifically to lighten the skin around your eyes and helps to reduce dark circles permanently.

  • Encourages production of Collagen (a skin protein) and Elastin, thereby improving the skin smoothness and elasticity, and slowing down the wrinkling process.
  • Suppresses inflammatory enzymes, therefore decreasing puffiness, swelling and signs of fatigue.
  • Strengthens capillaries, arteries and veins, thus reducing leakage and the blue colour underneath.
  • Promotes new collagen to thicken the fragile skin under the eyes.

Apply Eyerix® cream twice daily, gently massaging in a circular motion around the eyes.

The visible effects are excellent, brightening the whole area around your eyes, often referred to as the windows to the soul!

Some home remedies, together with Eyerix® that can further help is:

  1. Applying cold cucumber or chilled Tea bag on eyelids for temporary relief, as it helps increase the fluid circulation & removes the fluid that has built up.
  2. Lifestyle changes e.g.
  • Full night of sleep
  • Stop smoking
  • Sunscreen
  • Allergy treatment
  • Reduce Alcohol intake
  • Low salt diet
  • Wear a hat & sunglasses outdoors
  • Wash your face with cold water
  • Remove eye make up with gentle wipes

As a cosmetic measure, apply a concealer is applied in a shade that matches the skin's undertones, such as yellow or peach, and set with translucent powder.


How to take care of acne prone skin?
  •  Avoid Frequent Handling of the Skin
  • Don’t squeeze the spots, as this leads to scars
  • Shave Carefully
  • Avoid a Sunburn or Suntan
  • Completely remove make-up before going to bed.
  • Clean Skin Gently
    • With a mild cleanser, once in the morning and once in the evening, and  after heavy exercise.
    • Thoroughly rinse your skin with lukewarm water.
    • Very hot/cold water makes it worse.
    • Do not use strong soaps or rough scrub pads, as it makes the problem worse.
    • Shampoo your hair regularly. If you have oily hair, you may want to wash it every day. Avoid letting your hair fall across your face.
    • Use oil-free cosmetics.
    • Wash your make-up brushes regularly to avoid re-infecting yourself.

Apply Acnex® cream by Pharmaclinix® twice daily.

Acnex® cream

  • Prevents Acne
  • Treats Acne
  • Reduces dark marks left by Acne

For more information, log onto www.facebook.com/acnexcream

For more beauty tips, & to make you more confident than ever,

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How to lighten your body

I have often been asked of how to lighten the body.

The skin on your body is much denser than on your face.

As a Cosmetic Scientist, I have studied various skin types, and tested many of the skin lightening treatments in trials.

The conclusion was that you needed specific ingredients in a base that will actually penetrate the skin to make a real visible difference.

This is because the skin on your body is much denser than on your face and most of the herbal or “home remedies” could not get into the skin to stop the melanin formation.

Lightenex® Body Lotion is a specialist skin lightening formulation which has been specifically formulated to lighten skin, including the sensitive areas.

It is packed with 8 high strength skin lightening Actives in a conditioning moisturising formula, leaving the skin on your body with a healthy, even glow.

Its now so easy to lighten your body.

You just simply wash the body, and exfoliate it using a firm sponge, in order to remove the dead skin.

Then apply the Lightenex® Body Lotion, until fully absorbed.

Lightenex® Body Lotion is recommended by leading Dermatologists worldwide.

If you would like to lighten your body, just order Lightenex® Body Lotion on


How to prevent Hyperpigmentation?

Asian, African & Ethnic Skin suffer particularly badly with dark patches or Hyperpigmentation.

This is caused by:

  • Sun exposure
  • Genetics
  • Medication
  • Acne

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) after injury

You can prevent hyperpigmentation with simple precautions e.g.:

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure.
  • Carry an umbrella
  • Wear full sleeves
  • Wear broad brimmed hats. 
  • Apply Sun Blockex® SPF 50 to block UVA & UVB rays

However, any existing Hyperpigmentation should be treated immediately to avoid the patches becoming even darker or spreading any further

Lightenex® Gold cream is a skin lightening cream specifically designed to reduce dark patches in Ethnic skin.

Lightenex® Gold cream contains very high strength Actives, which have proven results in independent clinical trials

It should be applied once at night, two hours before going to bed.

Sun Blockex® SPF 50 should be applied twice during the day to protect against the harmful rays & to avoid further sun damage.

For More Information & to buy Lightenex® Gold cream Log On www.Pharmaclinix.com


How to get rid of acne?

There are very few effective Acne treatment creams available.

Acne is more than a skin condition. It is a skin condition that affects your confidence, the way you present yourself in front of people, even the decisions you take.

80% of the population suffer with Acne sometime in their lifetime.

Most suffer during puberty, but it can erupt later in their lives too.

It’s even more difficult for Asians and Africans, as their skin is denser, and more susceptible to damage.

They usually suffer severe outbreaks and are then left with dark marks for life.

So what is the cause for acne?

Well, the bad news is it could be practically anything. Hormonal misbalance, specifically high levels of testosterone; hormonal changes during pregnancy and even some birth control pills; genetics; certain drugs - especially steroids and anti-depressants; greasy, low-quality cosmetics… You name it.

This is exactly why it’s so difficult to cure acne - with so many potential reasons for the problem, how are you supposed to find a one-size-fits-all solution? Would such thing even exist?

Well, there is a solution!

Acnex® cream developed by Pharmaclinix® is a unique acne cream that has Anti-inflammatory, antibiotic & skin whitening agents.

Its innovative formula helps to not only helps prevent acne, but treats the acne and clears the dark marks you may have from previous outbreaks.

Now, if you’ve tried some creams or products before that were supposed to be “amazing” - and for a while they probably were - but stopped working after a couple of weeks, here’s the reason: your skin gets used to the product and literally becomes immune to its effects. This won’t happen with Acnex - the ingredients in this product only enhance the natural ability of your body to fight acne. It works particularly well on Asian and African skin.

Other than being extremely effective, Acnex is also affordable and super easy to use - just apply twice daily.

Skin Care Expert

Shashi gossain

How to get rid of acne scars?


1. Hypertrophic (raised) scars

2. Atrophic (sunken) scars

Raised scars

A silicone-based cream

  • collagen stimulators (Vitamin C )
  • anti-inflammatories (Salicylic acid 2% )
  • Rutin
  • Bromelain

should be massaged to flatten them.

Scar Repairex® Ultra by Pharmaclinix® high strength Actives for smoother skin.

Sunken scars

  • ice-pick
  • rolling
  • box scars

No treatment is useful unless these contracted fibrous bands can be cut to allow normal healthy collagen to grow & fill these holes.


  • Microdermabrasion,
  • Laser
  • Dermarolling

You can now treat your scars at home with the Scar Repairex® Home Kit, which contains the Dermarollex® with Scar Repairex® Ultra cream on https://www.facebook.com/scarrepairexcream/

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Atrophic scars are sunken scars

Atrophic scars are sunken scars.

They are often also called ice-pick, rolling or box scars.

They were at one stage raised but most people continue to treat it like acne, not realizing that the acne has gone & they have atrophic scars.

In this situation there is no inflammation left & the scar has matured.

Atrophic Scars are:

  • Shrunk
  • Contracted
  • Sunken
  • Disfigured

These scars require a more rigorous treatment for a fast & effective result.

The scar is full of contracted bands of fibrous collagen that pulls the skin resulting in the holes that you see in old scars.

Using any cream or serum at this stage is useless.

No treatment is useful unless these contracted fibrous bands can be cut to allow normal healthy collagen to grow & fill these holes.

This procedure of cutting fibrous bands & getting new skin is called resurfacing.

The three main procedures used are

  • Microdermabrasion,
  • Laser
  • dermarolling(micro-needling).

Of these, only a good quality Dermaroller is able to cut old fibrous contracted collagen.

This procedure is a well-established treatment that can be carried out at home.

Step 1:

Use a Dermarollex® :

Using a 0.5 mm Dermarollex® roll the skin every night with sixteen passes over the affected skin. This should be done on clean dry skin.

Step 2:

After the dermarolling, Massage Scar Repairex® Ultra over the treated skin.

Step 3:

Massage Scar Repairex® Ultra again in the morning.

Wait ten minutes, then apply Sun Blockex® spf 50 sunscreen to protect the treated skin during the day.

Repeat the above procedure every day until the scar has shrunk.

The Pharmaclinix special Home treatment contains Dermarollex® 0.5mm, Scar Repairex® Ultra cream (30gm jar).

How to get rid of hyperpigmentation in dark skin?

I have often been asked of how to lighten ethnic skins.

How to lighten

  • Dark patches
  • Most resistant Hyperpigmentation
  • Deep Dermal Melasma
  • Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)

Read More
How to Treat your Eczema Hyperpigmentation

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation left after Eczema, or hyperpigmentation caused by inflammation, is a type of dermatologic mark that affects the face and body.

This is usually a reaction to inflammation, especially caused by eczema.

Eczema is a syndrome, a set of clinical signs and symptoms that are common to many conditions, and may be associated with several inflammatory skin diseases. These diseases are characterized by itching (pruritus), congestive redness of the skin (erythema) and rash. If the condition is short-lived, blisters may be observed, whereas when it becomes chronic the skin may thicken. The portion of the affected skin may vary from a small area to the whole body.

  • Lightenex® body lotion is excellent as it contains high strength skin Lighteners to lighten the dark patches left due to eczema flare-up.

The purpose of this article is to explain how a regular use of these products will treat your post eczema hyperpigmentation based on medical facts.

Hyperpigmentation occurs when external or internal factors generate increased melanin production. The skin is discolored, mostly on the areas most frequently exposed to the sun. There are several forms of hyperpigmentation, such as age spots (age spots and freckles), melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (HPI).

Eczema-related hyperpigmentation may appear as pimples or papules without significant importance or as more serious injuries. That being said, the greater the inflammation, the more the macule of hyperpigmentation will be visible

The sun can worsen its manifestations by darkening the affected areas and lengthening the time it takes to fade.

Post-Eczema hyperpigmentation can be reduced by specific Active ingredients that act to reduce the melanin synthesis, without further aggravating the skin.

Lightenex® Body lotion by Pharmaclinix® can reduce Eczema hyperpigmentation as it contains:

Arbutin is a key ingredient of many skin lightening products used in Asia; it is a natural source of hydroquinone.

• Kojic acid is a product of Japanese rice alcohol, sake. It is a natural products, and it is used by dermatologists in many countries.

• Glycolic acid (or hydroxyacetic acid) is the acid used by dermatologists for chemical peels. It is a common active ingredient in the composition of many topical creams for hyperpigmentation.

• Vitamin C derivatives have been shown to be effective in the treatment of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. They are often used in combination with other active ingredients.

This product also contains Vitamin A and E which allow a better functioning of the follicular system, and reinforce the skin immunity.

Lightenex® body lotion is a safe non acidic product. Thus, they will allow a quick and effective recovery without any side effects on the skin.

Clinically proven & established ingredients used on Asian skin have been incorporated to give the maximum result.

As a doctor, I advise this product for a regular use 2 to 3 times a week to treat hyperpigmentation.

For further advice, you can get a Free consultation from:



Hyperpigmentation around the mouth is fast becoming a growing concern among people susceptible to the pigmentation condition. Though, pigmentation can affect almost any part of the human skin; but any slight appearance of its discoloration effect on the face and mouth areas make it feasible to other people. And that bring about increased concerns that most individuals don’t like.

So, what is Hyperpigmentation? It simply means the appearance of excess pigmentation on the human body. And we have dark pigmentation patches on the skin that appears in different patterns and sizes. But generally, it has been proven that knowing the cause of specific condition helps in proffering ideal solution to the issue, so this brings us to the causes of hyperpigmentation on the skin and especially around the mouth.

Reason for Hyperpigmentation

There are quite a handful of reasons for hyperpigmentation of the human skin, and some of these include:

  • Exposure extreme sunlight for too long
  • Deficiencies of vitamins in the body can also lead to it
  • Use of substandard body cream
  • Damage to the skin due to due to cutting
  • Allergic reaction
  • Endocrine disorders

Also, acne and genetic disorder also contributes to hyperpigmentation

 The best way of treating sensitive areas

You cannot overlook the fact that there exists a wide range of remedial applications that tackle the effect of hyperpigmentation in humans. And all the remedy range from medical to home applications, however, the use of ‘Lightenex plus’ every night and ‘Sunblockex’ during the day has proven to be a double-edged sword that effectively helps in correcting the residual effect of hyperpigmentation.


One other reason why the Lightenex plus and Sunblockex ideal choice is because they have a mild effect on sensitive parts of the body and at the same time get the required work done. Their use also offers people affordable means of having that attractive and healthy look.

dark marks left by Mosquito bites

Mosquito bite leaves dark marks or Hyperpigmentation on the skin, which can be quite difficult to fade.
Very high strength Actives are needed to fade these spots, as the marks are usually on exposed parts of the skin, which is tougher than the face,

Lightenex® range works at four different levels to give faster, and more permanent results due to its rich and adapted composition.

Step 1:  Wash the area with Lightenex® Wash & Scrub. This exfoliates the skin due to the enzymatic peel with Glycolic Acid, Salicylic acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

Step 2: Massage Lightenex® Body Lotion. This is the best skin whitening wash with specific lighteners for Asian & darker skins.

Step 3:Lightenex® Gold Serum should be massaged every night for persistent dark areas.
In independent trials, 84% of the volunteers achieved an average of 26% reduction of melanin over an 8-week period.
This treatment is recommended by leading dermatologists and can be done at home. Pharmaclinix even offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

For further advice, you can get a Free consultation from: https://www.pharmaclinix.com/free-consultation/

How to Treat Hyperpigmentation From Acne Scars

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that usually happens in women. The main causes is usually from being exposed to the sun too long. However, acne is also a common cause.

How Acne Scars Result in Hyperpigmentation

Not all acne scars will result in hyperpigmentation. There are cases when this does happen. This type of inflammation is deep in the surface and usually a blue-grey color. Sometimes, it is even resistant to treatment.
In this case, after the inflammation calms down, it leaves behind extra melanin and turns into dark spots on the skin. When constantly using makeup and acne creams don’t work, it can be frustrating. The good news, there are some ways you can treat this condition.

Best Way to Treat the Scars

The best way to treat these types of scars is to use a combination of gentle and effective products. Products like topical Retinoids and Alpha Hydroxy Acids are usually prescribed to patients who have this issue. While the condition can fade over time, using treatments will speed up the process.

Using Lightenex® Gold serum on your skin before you go to bed at night is the best way to start. When you first begin, use it every other night and see how your skin reacts. During the day, use Sun Blockex® SPF 50 to protect your skin from further sun damage.

When Will You See Treatment Results?

Always remember that skin care is a lifelong process. Just like regular skin care is daily routine, treating hyperpigmentation is the same way. If you use the recommended products consistently, it can take up to 6 months to see the results of the treatment.
For further advice, you can get a Free consultation from: https://www.pharmaclinix.com/free-consultation/

Hyperpigmentation on the back

How to treat the Hyperpigmentation on the back

Hyperpigmentation corresponds to dark spots on the skin, that are more pigmented areas than the surrounding skin. These brown spots, more or less numerous and extensive, are generally concentrated on the parts of the body exposed to the sun: like the legs, the face or the back etc. Hyperpigmentation of the skin presents no danger. However, like in the case of the back, many people want to reduce or remove their brown spots for aesthetic reasons. There are different treatments today that have proven their effectiveness.

  • Lightenex® body lotion/scrub and Lightenex® Gold serum are excellent as a skin Lightener. The purpose of this articleis to explain how a regular use of these products will treat your hyperpigmentation based on medical facts.

Melanocytes are specific cells of the epidermis produce a brown pigment: melanin. It is the pigment that gives your skin, your hair and your eyes their natural color. The synthesis of melanin or melanogenesis takes place in melanosomes, inside melanocytes, from tyrosine through the action of an enzyme: tyrosinase. The melanosomes are then transferred to the surrounding keratinocytes which will subsequently transport the melanin.

Hyperpigmentation results from an overproduction of melanin in certain cutaneous zones. More or less large brown spots are formed, contrasting with the surrounding skin lighter. This overproduction results from a number of factors: excessive exposure to the sun, age, hormonal variations, genetic predispositions

To fight against pigmentary disorders, Lightenex products act on four levels. They affect the skin by different ways:

  • Exfoliation with active ingredients such as salicylic acid or Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA), including glycolic acid and Citrus MedicaLimonum peel extract, which ensure epidermal renewal. These exfoliating products promote the elimination of pigmented cells and also promote the penetration of depigmenting agents.
  •  Inhibition of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin, thanks to active ingredients such as arbutin, kojic acid, B-resorcinol ... (depigmenting active ingredients).
  • An anti-inflammatory action to calm inflammation mechanisms with dexpanthenol or Salvia Officinalis extract
  • An antioxidant action with vitamins C, E, ferulic acid, which limit the deleterious action of free radicals.
  •  The sunscreens can also be integrated into the cosmetic formula.

The treatment of hyperpigmentation is indeed multifactorial, the Lightenex range for the care of the legs offers a global approach allowing to take care of these cases thanks to its rich and adapted composition.
We advise Lightenex® body lotion after washing the back with Lightenex scrub.
Lightenex® Gold serum should be massaged every night for persistent dark areas.
Lightenex® body lotion is the best whitening body lotion for black skin, Asian & ethnic skin.
Lightenex® Body Lotion is a specialist skin lightening formulation which has been specifically formulated to brighten skin, even for sensitive areas.
The skin on your body is much denser than on your face and you need specific concentrations of Actives in a base that will actually penetrate the thicker layers to make a visible difference.

  • In independent trials, 84% of the volunteers achieved 26% reduction of melanin levels within 8 week period.

As a doctor, I advise this product for a regular use 2to 3 times a week to treat hyperpigmentation.
For further advice, you can get a Free consultation from: https://www.pharmaclinix.com/free-consultation/

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