How to treat the Hyperpigmentation on the back

Hyperpigmentation corresponds to dark spots on the skin, that are more pigmented areas than the surrounding skin. These brown spots, more or less numerous and extensive, are generally concentrated on the parts of the body exposed to the sun: like the legs, the face or the back etc. Hyperpigmentation of the skin presents no danger. However, like in the case of the back, many people want to reduce or remove their brown spots for aesthetic reasons. There are different treatments today that have proven their effectiveness.

  • Lightenex® body lotion/scrub and Lightenex® Gold serum are excellent as a skin Lightener. The purpose of this articleis to explain how a regular use of these products will treat your hyperpigmentation based on medical facts.

Melanocytes are specific cells of the epidermis produce a brown pigment: melanin. It is the pigment that gives your skin, your hair and your eyes their natural color. The synthesis of melanin or melanogenesis takes place in melanosomes, inside melanocytes, from tyrosine through the action of an enzyme: tyrosinase. The melanosomes are then transferred to the surrounding keratinocytes which will subsequently transport the melanin.

Hyperpigmentation results from an overproduction of melanin in certain cutaneous zones. More or less large brown spots are formed, contrasting with the surrounding skin lighter. This overproduction results from a number of factors: excessive exposure to the sun, age, hormonal variations, genetic predispositions

To fight against pigmentary disorders, Lightenex products act on four levels. They affect the skin by different ways:

  • Exfoliation with active ingredients such as salicylic acid or Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA), including glycolic acid and Citrus MedicaLimonum peel extract, which ensure epidermal renewal. These exfoliating products promote the elimination of pigmented cells and also promote the penetration of depigmenting agents.
  •  Inhibition of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin, thanks to active ingredients such as arbutin, kojic acid, B-resorcinol ... (depigmenting active ingredients).
  • An anti-inflammatory action to calm inflammation mechanisms with dexpanthenol or Salvia Officinalis extract
  • An antioxidant action with vitamins C, E, ferulic acid, which limit the deleterious action of free radicals.
  •  The sunscreens can also be integrated into the cosmetic formula.

The treatment of hyperpigmentation is indeed multifactorial, the Lightenex range for the care of the legs offers a global approach allowing to take care of these cases thanks to its rich and adapted composition.
We advise Lightenex® body lotion after washing the back with Lightenex scrub.
Lightenex® Gold serum should be massaged every night for persistent dark areas.
Lightenex® body lotion is the best whitening body lotion for black skin, Asian & ethnic skin.
Lightenex® Body Lotion is a specialist skin lightening formulation which has been specifically formulated to brighten skin, even for sensitive areas.
The skin on your body is much denser than on your face and you need specific concentrations of Actives in a base that will actually penetrate the thicker layers to make a visible difference.

  • In independent trials, 84% of the volunteers achieved 26% reduction of melanin levels within 8 week period.

As a doctor, I advise this product for a regular use 2to 3 times a week to treat hyperpigmentation.
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