Hyperpigmentation around the mouth is fast becoming a growing concern among people susceptible to the pigmentation condition. Though, pigmentation can affect almost any part of the human skin; but any slight appearance of its discoloration effect on the face and mouth areas make it feasible to other people. And that bring about increased concerns that most individuals don’t like.

So, what is Hyperpigmentation? It simply means the appearance of excess pigmentation on the human body. And we have dark pigmentation patches on the skin that appears in different patterns and sizes. But generally, it has been proven that knowing the cause of specific condition helps in proffering ideal solution to the issue, so this brings us to the causes of hyperpigmentation on the skin and especially around the mouth.

Reason for Hyperpigmentation

There are quite a handful of reasons for hyperpigmentation of the human skin, and some of these include:

  • Exposure extreme sunlight for too long
  • Deficiencies of vitamins in the body can also lead to it
  • Use of substandard body cream
  • Damage to the skin due to due to cutting
  • Allergic reaction
  • Endocrine disorders

Also, acne and genetic disorder also contributes to hyperpigmentation

 The best way of treating sensitive areas

You cannot overlook the fact that there exists a wide range of remedial applications that tackle the effect of hyperpigmentation in humans. And all the remedy range from medical to home applications, however, the use of ‘Lightenex plus’ every night and ‘Sunblockex’ during the day has proven to be a double-edged sword that effectively helps in correcting the residual effect of hyperpigmentation.


One other reason why the Lightenex plus and Sunblockex ideal choice is because they have a mild effect on sensitive parts of the body and at the same time get the required work done. Their use also offers people affordable means of having that attractive and healthy look.