Lose weight, without any pain
It seems to be too good to be true! TEN simple measures can help you lose weight, without any pain:
  1. Eat plain yoghurt. Sprinkle some fresh chopped fruit. Avoid fruit-flavoured yogurt, as it contains too much sugar & additives.
  2. Eat more lettuce with your burger. Replace half your meat with more salad.
  3. Dab your pizza. Dab the excess oil on the surface with a paper napkin.
  4. Cook meat: Sprinkle salt on the meat and heat it for an hour at room temperature before cooking it. The salt will draw out the juices of the cut and tenderize the protein. This also absorbs less oil.
  5.  Drink black coffee:  Cream & sugar can add up to 500 calories to your drink.
  6. Eat small meals during the day: This reduces severe “hunger-pangs”, so you don’t binge on high calorie foods.
  7. Cook on Non-stick Pan: This reduces the consumption of oil/fat.
  8. Pack half your meals: Instead of finishing your meal at a restaurant, eat half & pack the rest. Don’t be fooled into “finishing it off”.
  9. Eat in silence: Research has shown you eat more when distracted by Television.
  10. Eat in smaller plates. Research shows that you take up 20% less calories if you eat in a 10” plate instead of a 12” plate, without feeling less full.