Secret of Never being ill
Extensive studies have proved that with these simple steps you can stay much healthier!
  1. Massage once a month. This can reduce anxiety, blood pressure & heart rate, while washing away the built up toxins.
  2. Take a cold shower. This increases blood circulation & energy, while reducing migraines & pain. Even a one-minute burst of cold water has shown great results.
  3. Ginger: This stimulates digestive secretions, improve internal muscle tone & reduces constipation.
  4. Wash your hands. This reduces cross-infections, e.g. colds & food-borne diseases. Spend at least 20 secs vigorously cleaning your hands & under finger nails.
  5. Take Vitamin C & Zinc. This prevents colds & builds up your immune system.
  6. Garlic. This is rich in anti-oxidants, which boosts immunity & fights inflammation. It also prevents heart attack.
  7. Stay positive. Results have shown that people who have a positive outlook to life live a longer & happier life.
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Beauty tip by     

Shashi Gossain

CEO, Pharmaclinix Ltd


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