Sun Block cream for Sensitive skin

Sun block is especially essential for sensitive skin, as this is particularly susceptible to sun burn.

It is imperative to protect your skin against UVA AND UVB rays.

Apart from a wearing a hat or carrying a sun umbrella, it is essential to apply a total sun block cream.

A good sun protection cream should contain a physical barrier e.g. Titanium dioxide. This can unfortunately leave a “white sheen” on the face. The more expensive sun block creams contain Octocrylene, which is colourless & actually sits in the skin for much longer, giving a better protection for a longer period.

An ideal sun block should contain a mixture of Titanium dioxide & Octocrylene.

Sun Blockex SPF 50 from Pharmaclinix is formulated especially for sensitive skin.

It contains the optimum concentrations of Titanium dioxide, Octocrylene, Allantoin, Dimethicone, Vitamin E and other vitamins in moisturizing skin conditioners to not only give total protection against hyperpigmentation, but also offer anti-aging even in sensitive skins.

*Results may vary in every individual.*

Shashi Gossain

Skincare Expert