Even after getting rid of the acne on your face, you may still have to battle with the ugly scars left behind by the acne. Acne scars are stubborn and, as such, they will hardly go away on their own. Irrespective of your skin colour, they are capable of giving your skin noticeable damages that you will have to deal with for a long time. These scars are results of inflammations that have adversely affected the natural process of healing that the skin would have gone through after acne has gone away. However, you can get rid of acne scars as there are several acne scars treatment at home or otherwise that you can use.

To get rid of your acne scars, you should try out the following treatments:

Spot treatment

Spot treatments are often used to prevent or get rid of breakouts and acne scars. All you have to do is to get a quality spot treatment product and apply directly to the scars. This is a recommended acne scar treatment for black skin and other types of skin colours. Nonetheless, if you notice any forms of inflammation around the scars after the application of the product, you should discontinue the treatment.

Acne scar roller

Acne scar treatment roller, also known as dermaroller, is one of the most advanced and easily accessible methods that promote acne scar treatment at home. It is rolled on the skin a couple of times each week to tighten the skin and treat all sorts of acne. Although it will take a while before you will start seeing the results, an acne scar treatment roller will undoubtedly improve the skin. You can get Scar Treatment Kit ( which comes with Dermarollex® and Scar Repairex® Ultra cream, to get rid of acne scars. Dermarollex® is an acne scar treatment roller that heals atrophic scars while Scar Repairex® Ultra cream is used alongside the roller to quicken the scar healing process.

Use natural treatments

For your acne treatment at home, there are several options that you can use. One of these options is laying sliced cucumber on your face for about 20 minutes and then washing it off with lukewarm water. You can also apply raw honey mixed with ground cinnamon on your face to heal the scars. Other ingredients you can use include lemon, sugar scrub, potato juice, baking soda, coconut oil, and aloe vera. These substances are able to treat acne scars because they have vitamins, minerals and other essential elements that promote wound healing.

Get professional help from a dermatologist

If the aforementioned home-based acne scar treatment for black skin and other skins do not get rid of your acne scars, getting special assistance from a dermatologist can be the solution. Some of the treatments you may get from your dermatologist include laser treatments, steroid injections and dermal fillers. However, these treatments are very expensive when compared to other methods of getting rid of acne scars.

So, choose whatever treatment you like and can afford and patiently get rid of the stubborn acne scars on your skin.

Skincare Expert
Shashi Gossain