Pharmaclinix® Advanced Cosmeceuticals, has been formulated by Award-winning chemists to treat Asian, Arabic & darker skin tones (Skin types 3-5).

Due to its proven efficacy & recommendations by leading Dermatologists, the Pharmaclinix® range is now used by several members of the Middle East Royal families & Bollywood stars.

They are high strength complex formulations, incorporated in a special Nano-liposomal delivery system, which can penetrate the denser skin layers, making them more effective in the targeted area.

  • Pharmaclinix® is extensively tested & produced by Pharmaclinix® Ltd, UK.


  • Improve the health & appearance of all skin types, particularly the Asian & darker skin tones, which are prone to more severe reactions.
  • To prevent & correct skin blemishes, leaving you with a clearer & fairer complexion.
  • Set the highest standard in the professional skincare.


  • Provide advanced skin care backed by evidence-based formulations, which address specific skin problems.
  • Provide complete skin care solutions through Aesthetic professionals.
  • Provide optimum results using specific regimes, both in-clinic & follow-up home procedures.
  • Provide professional protocols & training to enhance the practice of all skincare specialists.
  • Use pharmaceutical grade active ingredients, with peer-reviewed clinical studies to back the efficacy.