Acnex® Cream UK’s No.1 selling cream to treat Acne in Asian skin. Acnex® cream, the strongest, fastest-acting cosmeceutical to

·      Treat Acne

·     Prevent further breakouts

·      Lighten dark spots

Acnex® cream contains

·      Octadecenoic acid (ODA) 4%

·      Niacinamide 4%

·      Phytic acid

·      Salicylic acid

ODA is 50 times stronger for treating Acne than the traditionally used Azelaic acid ODA is the only Active that acts at every stage in the formation of Acne Ref: Treating Acne with Octadecenedioic acid:Mechanism of action,Skin delivery,and Clinical Results. John E Wiechers-J W Solutions,Gouda, The Netherlands. Anthony V Rawlings-AVR Consulting Ltd,Northwich,Cheshire,UK. Nigel Lindner-Dept of Research and Development,Uniqema,Gouda, The Netherlands. William J Cunliffe. Dept of Dermatology,Leeds Foundation for Dermatological Research,Leeds General Infirmary,Leeds UK. ODA: Stops pores blockage Reduce bacteria Reduce inflammation Reduce hyperpigmentation NO SIDE EFFECTS SAFE TO USE LONG TERM Formulated by Award-winning pharmacist, Shashi Gossain Recommended by Dermatologists world wide Treat your Acne fast with Acnex® cream by Pharmaclinix® Buy now on