Under Eye Dark Circles Kit

Reduce dark circles

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Asian & darker skins suffer with bags & Under Eye dark circles

A regime is required to treat this condition, using a combination of creams to target different areas.

In Asian & Ethnic skins, Dark circles around the eyes are due to two factors

  • 1. Excessive deposit of Melanin.
  • 2. Leaky blood vessels lead to deposit of haemosiderin

(which is a breakdown product of haemoglobin in red blood cells).

Eyerix®cream should be massaged into clean dry skin every morning.
This contains a high concentration of a complex of several skin lighteners, including Arbutin, Licorice & Vitamin C along with blood vessel strengtheners that stop blood from leaking out from capillaries.

Lightenex® Plus cream should be massaged into the under eye area every night two hours before bedtime. Lightenex® Plus cream contains even higher concentrations of 11 skin lighteners & gentle exfoliaters to gently remove the damaged skin and reveal a fresher complexion.

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