Dry Skin

Dry skin may affect large areas of the body or may sometimes be found in just small patches on certain parts of the body. Typical symptoms of dry skin are itching flaky skin or dull, lifeless skin and uneven skin texture.

What Causes Dry Skin?

Dry skin may be caused by under activity of the sebaceous glands meaning that very little oil or sebum is secreted onto the surface of the skin to keep it lubricated. Other causes of dry skin include a loss of water or improper skin functioning such as a disorder of the outer layer or epidermis of the skin.

As we get older, there is a loss of functioning that occurs in your skin. The sebaceous glands become less active and the skin tends to dry out naturally causing wrinkles, creases and fine lines.

Dehydration is another major cause. Most people pass yello urine meaning they are always dehydrated. Drink enough water to keep urine clear.

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