Some of the leading Dermatologists who are recommending Pharmaclinix®

Why do Dermatologists recommend Pharmaclinix® products?

There are many skincare products in the market with exaggerated claims. It is essential to get professional advise from the Aesthetic Dermatologists or Pharmacists, who have been trained in skincare. They will recommend products that have a strong science & proven clinical evidence provided by Research Laboratories.

Pharmaclinix® Advanced Cosmeceuticals are now prescribed by over 1,000 leading Aesthetic dermatologists across the world. All the products contain high concentrations of clinically proven ingredients, which have been reviewed by Dermatologists for safety & efficacy.

The latest research, techniques & ingredients have been used, which have shown much better results than the older therapies, especially for Skin types 3-5


Want the best results for all facial cosmetic procedures?

Pharmaclinix® Advanced Cosmeceuticals is a unique range which has gained popularity with leading Dermatologists due to its proven efficacy, with minimal side-effects.

Pharmaclinix® is the brand-leader in Professional Skincare for Hyperpigmenatation, scarring & stretchmarks.

Pharmaclinix® is the only Cosmeceutical range that addresses the Derma-Cosmetic challenges, using preparations for Pre-procedures, Post-procedure & minimize any potential skin damage, that may arise due to long-term Problems.

  • Enhance your Cosmetic Results
  • Eliminate potential damage
  • Reduce skin trauma

Pharmaclinix® Advanced Cosmeceuticals, UK, is especially developed for Cosmetic Practitioners, using high concentrations of clinically-proven complex of Actives:

Pharmaclinix® recommended by over 1,000 Aestheticians worldwide!



Col. (Dr.) Huda Sharida, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Col. (Dr.) Mooza Rashid, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr, Gulmeen Raza, King Hamad University Hospital
Dr. Abeer Al Sadeh, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Abida Qureshi, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Aima Qadeer, King Hamad University Hospital
Dr. Asra Q. Khan, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Aysha Adeel, King Hamad University Hospital
Dr. Basma Abdulfatih, Basma’s Clinic
Dr. Bessy Varghese, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Bhanu Handa, King Hamad University Hospital
Dr. Bushra Ibrahim, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Dana Isa, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Elham Jabbar, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Fadheela Al Najjar, Al Kindi Specialised Hospital
Dr. Farah Asghar, King Hamad University Hospital
Dr. Fatima Al Ammari, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Gautham Basu, American Mission Hospital
Dr. Hajer Mohamed, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Hala Abdul-Wahab, Derma Care Clinic
Dr. Hana Al Khayat (Dermatologist), Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Haya Al Khalifa, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Hosni Malas, King Hamad University Hospital
Dr. Israa Mahmood AL Zamrooni, King Hamad University Hospital
Dr. Jonathan Jovie Baltazar, King Hamad University Hospital
Dr. Khalida Khan, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Lamiya Ibrahim El-Hussainy, King Hamad University Hospital
Dr. Loula Mohamed Salih, King Hamad University Hospital
Dr. Lubna Hassan, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Maha Ghirabah, King Hamad University Hospital
Dr. Malati Nayak, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Mariam Ahmadi, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Nawal Dayoub, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Nawal Saad Alabdulla, King Hamad University Hospital
Dr. Nazma Adil Habib (Gynaecologist), Kims Hospital
Dr. Ramesh P, Royal Bahrain Hospital
Dr. Rania Hassan, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Rasha Abdeldayem, King Hamad University Hospital
Dr. Reda Mohamed Sobhy, King Hamad University Hospital
Dr. Rehab Ismaeel, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Sharifa Faoud Jassim Mohammed, King Hamad University Hospital
Dr. Shaza Omar, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Shereen Abdul Hafeedh Sultan, King Hamad University Hospital
Dr. Shereen Hammad, Al Kindi Specialised Hospital
Dr. Shyma Khalaf, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr. Toparala Hemamalini, King Hamad University Hospital
Dr.A. Shaheed E. Fadhul, Private Clinic / Salmaniya & Royal Bahrain Hospital
Dr.A. Shaheed E. Fadhul,
Dr.Amina Turiff, Al Reem Center
Dr.Amina Turiff,
Dr.Anjali Palav, Bahrain Specialist Hospital
Dr.Basem M. Ashoor,
Dr.Dean Cunha Gomes, Royal Bahrain Hospital
Dr.Dean Cunha Gomes,
Dr.Ebrahim Kerata, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr.Gautham Basu,
Dr.Haitham Al Qari, Al Kindi Specialised Hospital / Salmaniya Hospital
Dr.Hala Abdou Al Abetah, Bahrain Specialist Hospital
Dr.Hala Abdou Al Abetah,
Dr.Hana Al Khayat (Dermatologist),
Dr.Hanann A. Wahed Marafie,
Dr.Jehan Bechara,
Dr.Jehan Bichara, Ibn al Nafees Hospital
Dr.Khalil Al Arrayed, Al Khaleej Polyclinic
Dr.Khalil Al Arrayed,
Dr.Mahmood Al-Fadhil,  
Dr.Nedhal A. Rahman Khalifa, Dermaone, Al Re’aya Medical Compex
Dr.Nedhal A. Rahman Khalifa,
Dr.Raj Kumar Gang, Ibn al Nafees Hospital
Dr.Rajesh Gawai, Bahrain Specialist Hospital
Dr.Rajesh Gawai,
Dr.Ricardo Ferla,
Dr.Rula Sulaiti, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
Dr.Samira Almatrook,
Dr.Tariq Saeed,
Dr.Wisam Al Arrayed,
Heba / Hala,  
Prof (Dr.) Salam Jibrel, Bahrain Specialist Hospital
Prof. (Dr.) John Murphy, Bahrain Defence Force Hospital


Dr. Abdel Aziz El Tawil, 54 Damascus St. Heliopolis, Cairo
Dr. Ahmed Sadek, 52 Mostafa El Nahhas St. Off Makram Ebaid, Floor 1, Nasr City, Cairo
Dr. Ayman El Sisy, 158 Tomanbay St. Helmeyet El Zaitoun, Cairo
Dr. Kamal Sharobime, 20 Sirya st,. El Mohandiseen
Dr. Khalid El Hoshy, 10 Nazih Khalifa St.
Dr. Magdi Mahmoud El Meligy, 29 Salah El Din St. Heliopolis, Cairo
Dr. Mahmoud A. Abdallah, Derma Center, 13, Sh. Syria, Mohandessin
Dr. Mai El Samahy, 19 Ibrahim St., El Korba, Floor 1, Heliopolis, Cairo
Dr. Marwa Mohamed Rehab, 182 El Tahrir St. Landmark: In Front Of Strand Bldg. Cairo
Dr. Moahmed Saad, El Refa3i 32 el BatalAahmed St .el Mohandsen
Dr. Mohamed Farid, 7 Ibrahim El Laqqany St. Heliopolis, Cairo
Dr. Mohamed Halim, 5 Soliman St. Heliopolis, Cairo
Dr. Nabil Fawzy Medical Center Heliopolis, Cairo
Dr. Samy Hanafy Mohamed, 53 Mostafa El Nahas St. Nasr City, Cairo
Dr. Taher Ismail, Nile Center Takato, 3 El Dokki


Dr. Abd El Hamid, Fahaheel Inf
Dr. Abd El Nasser, Shefa Al Jazeira, Farwaniya Inf., Kheitan
Dr. Abdel Mohsen Abo Dahab, Shaab Inf
Dr. Adel Abd El Razzak, Adan Hospital
Dr. Ahmad, Qurain Inf
Dr. Ahmad, Boushari
Dr. Ahmad El Bongy, Sabah Salem
Dr. Ahmad Lary, Laila Clinic
Dr. Ahmad Lefi Al Mutairy, Koc
Dr. Ahmad Shawki, Salmiya Inf.
Dr. Ahmed, Rayan Clinic
Dr. Amani Kalkelia, Tiba Hospital
Dr. Amgad, Amal Clinic, Salmiya Clinic
Dr. Aml, Qurain Inf
Dr. Amna, Adan Hospital
Dr. Amr Fathy, Ic
Dr. Amr Madany, Boushari
Dr. Amr Saiaad, Shaikha Clinic
Dr. Ashraf, Fahaheel Inf
Dr. Ashraf, Boushari
Dr. Ashraf, Cmc, Damer Clinic
Dr. Ayda Abd El Kader, Salmiya Inf.
Dr. Ayman Elwan, Private
Dr. Ayman Khafifi, Hadi Hospital
Dr. Basam Bashandi, Salmiya Inf.
Dr. Bassma Mehanna, Adan Hospital
Dr. Dalal Al Turkit, Elaj Clinic
Dr. Eid, Fahaheel Inf
Dr. Essa Bashour, German Enaya
Dr. Fawzia, Hassawi Clinic
Dr. Fawzia Hasawy, Private
Dr. Fawzia Qatan, Hayat Pharmacy
Dr. Fawziya Qatan, Hayat Clinic
Dr. Ganga, Ic
Dr. Ghareesa, Elaj Clinic
Dr. Hala, Laila Clinic
Dr. Hamad Al Ghorir, Private Salmiya
Dr. Hanan, Elaj Clinic
Dr. Hanan, Dar Al Shifa
Dr. Hanan, Salam Hospital
Dr. Hani Okda, Shaab Inf
Dr. Hassanien, Qurain Inf
Dr. Hatem, Dar Al Barra
Dr. Hayam, Sabah Salem
Dr. Heba, Alya Hospital
Dr. Helen, Ansari Clinic
Dr. Hisham, Adan Hospital
Dr. Huda, Dar Al Shifa
Dr. Hussainy, Alya Clinic
Dr. Ibrahim, Salmiya Inf.
Dr. Iman, Qurain Inf
Dr. Ismail P, Dar Al Shifa
Dr. Johkanessy Haidar, Saleh Clinic
Dr. Khaled Mustafa Kamel, Shaab Inf
Dr. Laila Abo Al Laih, Safat American
Dr. Laila Ashkanani, Jarallah Clinic
Dr. Magda, Dar Al Barra
Dr. Manal, Salmiya Inf.
Dr. Manal Awad, Ic
Dr. Marwa, Dar Al Barra
Dr. Massouma, Hakim Clinic
Dr. Mewat, Ic
Dr. Mohamed Jaafar, Shaikha Clinic
Dr. Mohamed Jehad, Salmiya Inf.
Dr. Mohamed Lofty, Buhamra Clinic
Dr. Mohamed Mohsen, Jarallah Clinic
Dr. Mohamed Moosa, Jarallah Clinic
Dr. Mohammed, Jahra Inf.
Dr. Mohammed Hanafy, Adan Hospital
Dr. Mohammed Talaat, Tiba Hospital
Dr. Mona, Dar Al Barra
Dr. Mosheera Al Buhi, Salmiya Inf.
Dr. Mustafa, Dar Al Shifa
Dr. Mustafa Sonbol, Salmiya Inf.
Dr. Mymoul, Salam Hospital
Dr. Nabil Nijm, Adan Hospital
Dr. Nabil Sedky, Private Jabriya
Dr. Nahla, Sabah Salem
Dr. Nenine, Elaj Clinic
Dr. Nihad, Boushari Clinic
Dr. Noor Jahan, Dar Al Shifa
Dr. Ossama, Salam Hospital
Dr. Preety, Khalij
Dr. Rahma, Fahaheel Inf
Dr. Rana, German Enaya
Dr. Randeer Kadyan, Adan Hospital
Dr. Reema, Khalij Dewally
Dr. Reen Safe, Elaj Clinic
Dr. Rima, Khalij
Dr. Sabrine Zamil, Jarallah Clinic
Dr. Sahar Ghanam, Jarallah Clinic
Dr. Sahar Ghanam, Private
Dr. Sajna, Boushari Clinic
Dr. Saleh Gerawy, Private
Dr. Saleh Jerawy, Hassawi Clinic
Dr. Sally, Ic
Dr. Samar, Dar Al Barra
Dr. Samar Zaitoun, Koc
Dr. Sameh Abed El Rehim, Boushari Clinic
Dr. Samy Miacheal, Salmiya Inf.
Dr. Sekina, Salmiya Inf.
Dr. Sekina, Sekeena Clininc
Dr. Sheila, Hassawi Clinic
Dr. Shereen, Elaj Clinic
Dr. Shereen, Dar Al Barra
Dr. Shereen Gomaa, Koc
Dr. Sultan Al Otaibi, Adan Hospital
Dr. Sultan El Etaibi, Sekeena Clininc
Dr. Tarek Nour, Orff
Dr. Youssef Mallalah, Mallalah Clinic


Dr.Aabla, Ministry & Cosmiclic ( Private )
Dr.Abdul Nissar, Badralsama
Dr.Ahmed al Wally, SQH
Dr.Amal Al Hinai, Ministry & Muscat Dermatology
Dr.Amritha, Aster Hospital
Dr.Ana Maria, SQH
Dr.Anindya Choudhury -, Sr. Consultant, Hatat Poly Clinic.
Dr.Ayub, Ministry
Dr.Banodkar -, Sr. Consultant, MOH.
Dr.Dinakar Rao, Lama Poly Clinic
Dr.Elham, Ministry & EMC
Dr.Fatima Al Balushi, Ministry & Modern Skin Clinic
Dr.Fatima Obaid Ali, EMC
Dr.Hamsa, EMC
Dr.Illham Mustafa Al lawatia -, Sr. Consultant, MOH.
Dr.Majida, Ministry
Dr.Meera, Apollo
Dr.Mohammed, EMC
Dr.Muzna Al Taei, Kaya & Muscat Private Hospital
Dr.Noora, Ministry ( Al Nahda )
Dr.Poornima Kabad, Badralsama
Dr.Rahul.R.Patil, Atlas Hospital
Dr.Shazia Shafqat, Kims Hospital
Dr.Sheebu Mohammed, Badralsama
Dr.Sunil Mennan -, Sr. Consultant, Badr Al Samaah Hospitals.
Dr.Sushma, Star Care
Dr.T.Sri Harsha, Sagar Poly Clinic ( Now VLCC )
Dr.Taraf, EMC
Dr.Thayebah, EMC
Dr.Vijay George Thaliath, Atlas Hospital


Ashfaq Ahemd Khan, ISLAMABAD
Dr. Abdul qadir Sumro, KARACHI
Dr. Afzal Lodhi, KARACHI
Dr. Ali Kamal, ISLAMABAD
Dr. Amina Salman, LAHORE
Dr. Amir Manzoor, LAHORE
Dr. Ayesha Sami Khan, KARACHI
Dr. Azam samdani, KARACHI
Dr. Bahram Khoso, KARACHI
Dr. Brig (Rtd), ISLAMABAD
Dr. Col Naeem Raza, ISLAMABAD
Dr. Fakhar Naseeb, KARACHI
Dr. Farah Amer, LAHORE
Dr. Fazila Abbasi, ISLAMABAD
Dr. Fozia Fareed, KARACHI
Dr. Gen (Rtd), ISLAMABAD
Dr. Hamid Hassan, ISLAMABAD
Dr. Haroom Nabi, LAHORE
Dr. Humaira Gillani, ISLAMABAD
Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Siddiqui, KARACHI
Dr. Iftikhar Sheikh, LAHORE
Dr. Jafar Imam, KARACHI
Dr. Khawar Khurshid, LAHORE
Dr. Khilji Faisal, KARACHI
Dr. Lubna Saeed, ISLAMABAD
Dr. Madiha azmat Rao, LAHORE
Dr. Mehreen, ISLAMABAD
Dr. Mubashar Randhawa, LAHORE
Dr. Muneza Rizwan, ISLAMABAD
Dr. Nabeel Asghar, LAHORE
Dr. Nabeela Yousaf, LAHORE
Dr. Nabiha Rehman, LAHORE
Dr. Nadeem Ud Din Saddiqui, KARACHI
Dr. Nadeem Zahra, KARACHI
Dr. Nadia Hussain, KARACHI
Dr. Najia Ashraf, KARACHI
Dr. Naqeeba munshi, KARACHI
Dr. Nasima Kabadia, KARACHI
Dr. Nazia Shakeel, KARACHI
Dr. Nazihe Hussain, KARACHI
Dr. Nida Saleem, KARACHI
Dr. Rahila Asif, LAHORE
Dr. Rozina Khan, ISLAMABAD
Dr. Rukhsana Qazi, ISLAMABAD
Dr. Sadiq Saddar-ud-din, KARACHI
Dr. Saman Wasim, ISLAMABAD
Dr. Samina Sohail, ISLAMABAD
Dr. Sara Nadeem, KARACHI
Dr. Seema Sher Ali, KARACHI
Dr. Seema Zia, KARACHI
Dr. Sehrish Riaz, LAHORE
Dr. Shabinaz Masood, KARACHI
Dr. Shagufta Baig, KARACHI
Dr. Shazia Wahidi, KARACHI
Dr. Shireen Ansari, ISLAMABAD
Dr. Sidra Javed, LAHORE
Dr. Sobia, KARACHI
Dr. Sumera Rizwan, LAHORE
Dr. Tahmeed Ullah, ISLAMABAD
Dr. Tamseela, LAHORE
Dr. Tania Samdani, KARACHI
Dr. Tania Shaikh, KARACHI
Dr. Tasneem Nakhoda, KARACHI
Dr. Yousaf A Aziz, KARACHI
Simee Ber Rahman, ISLAMABAD


Dr. Aileen Bumanlag, Metro Commercial Bldg. Davao City (Clinic located in territorial)
Dr. Bernadette Villaflor, Ground Floor, Dagupan Doctors Hospital
Dr. Blesilda Cuadra, Rm. 3113 Calamba Medical Center
Dr. Carlos Pacheco, Skin Clinic Pharmacy, Davao City
Dr. Celestina Ngo, DermAesthetica, Robinson Galleria Quezon City (Clinic located in territorial)
Dr. Cynthia Capares, J. P. Rizal St. Marikina City (Clinic located in territorials)
Dr. Divine Basilo, Lahoz Bldg. Vigan, Ilocos Sur (Clinic located in territorial)
Dr. Edna Nisce, P. Burgos St. Dagupan City (Clinic located in territorial)
Dr. Encarnacion Nicolas, Kamuning Road, Quezon City (Clinic located in territorial)
Dr. Feorgina Andal, Lahoz Bldg. Vigan, Ilocos Sur (Clinic located in territorial)
Dr. Griselle Guillano, 2nd Flr. Dr. Franco Bldg. Ospital Ng Kabataan, Dipolog City
Dr. Jean Marquez, Timog Avenue, Quezon City (Clinic located in territorial)
Dr. Joseph Ortiz, St. Lukes Medical Center Medical Arts Building Rm. 245
Dr. Juliet Macarayo, Sto. Entiero St. Angeles City, Pampanga
Dr. Lalaine Visitacion, Anda Riverside, Magallanes, Davao City
Dr. Leopoldo Gaza, LSA Clinic, V. Luna Rd. Quezon City (Clinic located in territorial)
Dr. Loretta Filoteo, Medi-Spa, Balibago, Angeles, Pampanga
Dr. Luisa Santos, Healthway Clinic, SM The Block, Quezon City (Clinic located in the mall),
Dr. Ma. Christina Javier, Derm-Med, Guagua, Pampanga
Dr. Ma. Roberta Ayson, Angeles City, Pampanga
Dr. Ma. Theresa Cortez, Clinica Cortez, Midsayap, North Cotabato (Clinic located in territorial)
Dr. May Rose Roces, Legaspi Skin Center, Legaspi Bicol (clinic located beside the mall)
Dr. Michelle Sison, Escriba Drive, Pasig City
Dr. Pacita Belisario, Rm. 708 Davao Doctors Hospital Medical Tower
Dr. Pamela Deoferio, DermClinic, SM The Block, Quezon City (Clinic located in the mall)
Dr. Remedios Manuel, Cauayan City, Isabela & Santiago City Isabela
Dr. Rheena Acop, Acop Polyclinic
Dr. Rosario Canete, Cebu Doctors Clinic, Cebu City
Dr. Sofia Gimenez, TCS Lanco Bldg. Legaspi City, Bicol (Clinic located in territorial)
Dr. Suzette Ordinario, SM The Block, Quezon City (Clinic located in territorial)
Dr. Sylvia Morales, Morales Skin Clinic, Tuguegarao, Cagayan (Clinic located in territorial)
Dr. Christina Mojica, 20th Avenue, Quezon City (Clinic located in territorial)
Dr. Christina Mojica, 20th Avenue, Quezon City (Clinic located in territorial)
Skin Doctors Clinic, Gaisano Mall, Davao City


Dr. Abdul Majid El Sharif, 44117070
Dr. Ahmed Galal El-Fattah, Doha clinic hospital 55840726
Dr. Ahmed Hazem, Rumailah hospital 44397026
Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, al-emadi hospital 44323900
Dr. Alma Rifai, Dr. Alma clinic 44678661
Dr. Amal Al Shaiji, 44397026
Dr. Amina Al Obaidli, Rumailah hospital 44397026
Dr. Awny Ashour Dalol, Dr.ayad alshakarchi clinic 55731236
Dr. Ayad Alshakarchi, Dr.ayad alshakarchi clinic 44127772
Dr. Badria Al Mahmoud, badria center 44514680
Dr. Bahij Elhaltheh, Dr. Bahij elhaltheh clinic 44367374
Dr. Dalia, Nu yu medical spa 44931193
Dr. Fahad Abdulla, Dr. fahad Abdulla center 44688228
Dr. Hala Alhomsi, Rumailah hospital 44397026
Dr. Hamda Al Ansari, 44397026
Dr. Hassan Riad, Rumailah hospital 44397026
Dr. Haya Al Mannai, Rumailah hospital 44397026
Dr. Hessa Albuanian, Dr. Hessa Albuainain clinic 44830121
Dr. Kamal Hussein Saleh, al-emadi hospital 55742973
Dr. Khaer Alnesa, Rumailah hospitals 44397026
Dr. Kholoud Al Hail, 44397026
Dr. Kholoud Al Mahmoud, 44397026
Dr. Maha Sameer, Dr. fahad Abdulla center 44688228
Dr. Marwa Fawzi, plastic surgicentre 44662260
Dr. Media Salahaldeen, al-emadi hospital 4666009
Dr. Mohd Mohy El-Din Selim, al-emadi hospital 44397026
Dr. Noof Al Siddigi, Rumailah hospital 44397026
Dr. Preetha Unni, Doha clinic hospital 44384239
Dr. Reda Adel, 44662260 Rumailah hospital
Dr. Rehab Yahia, plastic surgicentre 44662260
Dr. Rola Hilal, Dr. Hessa Albuainain clinic 44830121
Dr. Saed Kaledari, Dr.Saed clinic 44515177
Dr. Samy Younes, AL-ahli hospital 44898823
Dr. Samya Abu Shaikha, Rumailah hospital 44397026
Dr. Sana Alsaed, Dr. fahad Abdulla center 55407094
Dr. Sana Mustafa, Dr.hassan alabdulla medical centers 55085021
Dr. Sharifa Al Dosari, Rumailah hospital 44397026
Dr. Suleiman Ahmed Moawad, Skin Clinic, 66038126
Dr. Mohamed Lasheen, Nu yu medical spa 44931193


Dr.Abeer Mohamad, Ebtesamat Qamar, Jeddah
Dr.Abeer Mohamad, Nukbat Altadawi, Jeddah
Dr.Adnan Arbily, Adama, Al Riyadh
Dr.AIDAH, Pedia Care, Jeddah
Dr.Amenah AlSherif, Suliman Al Habib, Al Riyadh
Dr.Arwa Abazah, Musaed Alzalal, Al Riyadh
Dr.Asma Momeny, Habib Qasim, Al Riyadh
Dr.Azhar Raqad, Salim clinic, Al Riyadh
Dr.Buthaina Khaled, Musah, Al Riyadh
Dr.Fahd Aswad, Consultant, Al Riyadh
Dr.Fatima Dajawi, Medica lOlaia , Al Riyadh
Dr.Fayez Zagzoug, United Arabs
Dr.Fayzeh Mohamad, United Arabs
Dr.Ghada Orabi, Eid Clinic, Jeddah
Dr.Hanaa Kamal, Hani Raqaban, Jeddah
Dr.Hisham Meligi, AlRiyadah, Jeddah
Dr.Huda Bitar, Cosultants, Al Riyadh
Dr.Intesar Mahfouz, Adama, Jeddah
Dr.Lilian Khan, Silky Image, Jeddah
Dr.Lubna Gamal, Mamdouh Ashi, Jeddah
Dr.Lubna Mohamad, Musaed Alzalal, Al Riyadh
Dr.Marwa Mohamad, Star Care, Jeddah
Dr.May Nakeeb, Ideal , Jeddah
Dr.Modar Qaiem, Obaji, Jeddah
Dr.Mohamad nwar, Abu Baker Yousef, Al Riyadh
Dr.Mohamad Qeiam, Habib Rayan, Al Riyadh
Dr.Muneir Arshi, Habib Consultant, Al Riyadh
Dr.Nahed Farhat, Habib Rayan, Al Riyadh
Dr.Nifen Cat, Talah, Jeddah
Dr.Niven Atef, Mohtarefoun, Jeddah
Dr.Nuha Mohamad, AL mouj, Jeddah
Dr.Rania Aqabawi, Jufa Clinic, Al Riyadh
Dr.Rania Mohamad, United Arabs
Dr.Reham Ahmad, Fonon Altib, Al Riyadh
Dr.Reham AL Qadi, consutant center, Al Riyadh
Dr.Saied Derar, Habib Consultant, Al Riyadh
Dr.Sara Qari, Adama, Jeddah
Dr.Suha Haj Ibrahim, Tbabah, Jeddah
Dr.Tarek Atrach, Eid Clinic, Jeddah
Dr.Zeinab Badawi, Neoderma, Jeddah


Dr.Ahmed Uwise, Wattala Hemas Hospital
Dr.Ajith Rajapaksha, Nine wells/Nawala
Dr.Buthpitiya Jananath, Madampe
Dr.Chalukya Gunasekara, Wattala Hemas Hospital
Dr.Chandana Gallapathi, Col 5
Dr.Chandana Wijekoon, CCC-Kandy
Dr.Chandani Udagethara, CCC-Kandy
Dr.Choolarathna, Navinna Channel center
Dr.Devadasan, MK Hospital Gampola
Dr.DN Athukorala, The central
Dr.GN Pathirana, Army Hospital
Dr.Hasangika Alahakoon, Skin clinic
Dr.Hazmia Mohommed, Matale
Dr.Izadeen, Matale
Dr.Jayakuru, Kandy
Dr.Jayamini Senevirathna, Oasis/ LRH
Dr.Kasthuirirathna, Maharagama
Dr.Laxman Ranasinghe, col 10
Dr.Mahinda Gunawardana, Delmons
Dr.Mala Senarathna, Katugasthota
Dr.MAP Thisera, Negambo
Dr.Monica Mhindre, Apollo
Dr.Poorna Dissanayake, Maravila
Dr.Samanthi Paranawithana, Apollo
Dr.Sarath Paranawithana, Ceymed
Dr.Sarath Ranasinghe, Kandy
Dr.Shaber Akburally, col 5
Dr.Sisira Kumara, Wennapuwa
Dr.Sri Ranjan, Negambo
Dr.Sriyani Samaraweera, Navinna Channel center
Dr.Swarnalatha Dissanayaka, Lahiru Channeling center Gampola
Dr.Thilak N De Silva, Seeduwa
Dr.Upendra De Silva, Skin clinic
Mrs Balabashkar, Ceymed
Mrs Deheragoda, Pannipitiya
Mrs Uduwela, Medichecks col 3


Dr. Ahmad Nasrati, Medical Specialist Centre
Dr. Ahmed Abu Sharia, Dr. ahmed Abu sharia Med. Center
Dr. Ahmed Kamel, private clinic
Dr. Ahmed Rady, new amrita
Dr. Ahmed Shakra, Elaj Medical Centre
Dr. Akbar Ali, Marina Medical Centre, Sharjah
Dr. Ali Hameed, nadia medical centre
Dr. Alyssar Khoury, private clinic
Dr. Anwar Attari, Dr.Atari Clinic
Dr. Ashraf Reda, Welcare Hospital, Al Quasis
Dr. Aswathi Prasad, Zulekha Hospital, Sharjah
Dr. Ataya Anjum, Medcare Hospital
Dr. Atef A. Sedrak, Specialized Medical care Hospital
Dr. Atef Saderek, Specialised Medical Hospital
Dr. Ayman Al Khatib, Al Madar Poly clinic
Dr. Badria, Khorfakkan
Dr. Balachandran, Al Rafa Polyclinic
Dr. Beena, Al Ahalia Hospital
Dr. Bejoy*, NMC Hospital
Dr. Boby, al kamal clinic
Dr. Bose, Al Salam Medical Centre, Sharjah
Dr. Chandra Sekhar, Apollo Clinic
Dr. Charan Dep Kaur, Central Privet Hospital, Sharjah
Dr. Christeen Youssef, First Medical Center
Dr. D. Sabih, well health
Dr. Deepa Mathew, Iranian Hospital
Dr. Deepa Sachdev, Minal Medical Centre
Dr. Druv Gupta, NMC Hospital
Dr. Elham, ultracare medical centre
Dr. Esther Yusuf, Al Zahra Hospital
Dr. Fadi M.M. Hajjaj, GDC
Dr. Farah Alansari, Fujeira MOH Hospital
Dr. Fatima, Al Ahalia Hospital
Dr. Fatyma, Dar al shifa Hospital
Dr. Fema Hipe, Dr. Michiline Bombaert Clinic/ The Filipino-Emirati clinic
Dr. Gasia, cosmosurge
Dr. Ghada Abo El Hassan, Al Buhairah Medical Centre, Sharjah
Dr. Ghinwa, kaya skin clinic
Dr. Golnaz Karima, Riaz Medical Centre, Sharjah
Dr. H. Ahmed, kaya skin clinic
Dr. H. Attef, cosmosurge
Dr. Hala Fafli, Arya Clinic
Dr. Hala Hashad, kaya skin clinic
Dr. Hala*, Prince
Dr. Hamed Skakra, Alaj Medical Centre
Dr. Hassan Alhusseiny, alhosn medical centre
Dr. Hassan M. H. Salem, GDC
Dr. Hassan, Family Medical Centre
Dr. Hawraa M. Al Salakh, Nadia Medical Center
Dr. Hisham El Shamy, Fakhri medical centre
Dr. Huda, Central Privet Hospital, Sharjah
Dr. Hussein Abdel dayem, Al Noor Hospital
Dr. Ibrahim Abbara, Belhoul Specialist Centre
Dr. Ibrahim Galadhari, Galadhari’s Clinic
Dr. Ibrahim*, Prince Medical centre
Dr. Ibtisam Mohd. Abdel, specialised medical centre
Dr. Ifthikar Ahmed, Sunnys Medical Centre, Sharjah
Dr. Jai kishan*, Al Ahalia Hospital
Dr. Jayalashmi, Al Ahalia Hospital
Dr. Jobeetha Yusuf, Al Zahra Hospital
Dr. Jumana, Salama Hospital
Dr. Jyotish George, Jumeira Prime Medical Centre
Dr. Kamal B. Khan, Dr. Sanjay Medical Centre, Sharjah
Dr. Karrar, american crescent centre
Dr. Khalid Mohammed Othman*, Salama Hospital
Dr. Khulood, Fujeirah Hospital
Dr. Leena, Al Madar Clinic
Dr. Lili, Simil Medical Centre
Dr. Lily Jose, Zulekha Hospital, Sharjah
Dr. M. Al Mazrouei, Derma Beauty
Dr. M. Coutinho, kaya skin clinic
Dr. M. Salah, Elaj Medical Centre
Dr. Maha, Dar al shifa Hospital
Dr. Maha Aboul Magd, Al Hendawy Medical Center
Dr. MaldaaAl Daoudi, ahmed abu sharia medical centre
Dr. Maman Jacob, NMC, Sharjah
Dr. Manal, Kalba, Fujeirah
Dr. Marina Coutinho, Kaya Skin Clinic, Abu Dhabi
Dr. Mary Thomas, Private Poly Clinic
Dr. Mary*, NMC Hospital
Dr. Mathew Thomas, GMC Hospital, Fujeira
Dr. Minal Patwarthal, Minal Medical Centre
Dr. Mohammed Azaad, Family Medical Centre
Dr. Mohammed Zubair, Zulekha Hospital, Al Quasis
Dr. Mona, kaya skin clinic
Dr. Mona Adly, Kaya Skin Clinic
Dr. Mona, Al Ain Hospital
Dr. Monir Jabir, GDC
Dr. N.D. George, Reem Medical Centre, Sharjah
Dr. Nadia, nadia medical centre
Dr. Naik, NMC Hospital
Dr. Nasik Habeeb Alsalam, Cromwell Women&children Hospital
Dr. Neena Chakraborty, Family Medical Centre, Fujeirah
Dr. Neena Chakravarthy, Family Medical Centre
Dr. Nirmala, Al Ahalia Hospital
Dr. Paneer Selvam, Samnan Medical Centre, Sharjah
Dr. Parul Dixit, Prime Medical Centre, Sharjah
Dr. Prakash, Kaya Skin Clinic
Dr. R. Samaka, Ibn Nafees Med Center
Dr. Rabie Choumari, franco emirien
Dr. Rajeesh*, NMC Hospital
Dr. Rajiv Singla, Cosmo Laser Clinic, Sharjah
Dr. Ramesh, Al Salam Medical Centre, Sharjah
Dr. Rania, cosmosurge
Dr. Rekha, Al Ahalia Hospital
Dr. Reza Heidari, Iranian Hospital
Dr. Rihana, franco emirien
Dr. Ruth Firmalino, Dr. Michiline Bombaert Clinic/ The Filipino-Emirati clinic
Dr. S Sivaprasad, Al Noor Hopital
Dr. S. Addallah, Cure medical Center
Dr. S. Khalil, Ibn Nafees Med Center
Dr. Sabah, dr.sabah clinic
Dr. Sadr, Al mazrooi medical centre
Dr. Safwaan, GDC
Dr. Sailesh Uniyal, Zulekha Hospital, Al Quasis
Dr. Salem Khewar, Al Ain Al Ahalia Hospital
Dr. Sameer ali*, Fakhri medical centre
Dr. Samer Kawash, Ahlia Clinic
Dr. Samer Kudsi, Al Zahra Hospital
Dr. Samir, Dar al shifa Hospital
Dr. Satheesh Malpani, NMC hosp
Dr. Satish Kumar, Doctors Polyclinic, Dubai
Dr. Satish, Al Noor Clinic, Dubai
Dr. Sawasan Al Mulla, Al Mousa Clinic
Dr. Sawsan, Salama Hospital
Dr. Seema Satyapal, Minal Medical Centre
Dr. Selma Faour, Cromwell Women&children Hospital
Dr. Senthil*, NMC Hospital
Dr. Shamim, GDC
Dr. Sherif Sakr, Prince Medical centre
Dr. Shobha G. Nair, Union Medical Centre
Dr. Simil, Simil Medical Centre
Dr. Smruti Manikandh, Al Fareed Speciality Clinic, Sharjah
Dr. Soman, Musalla Tower Clinic
Dr. Soundaryaraj, Sunnys Medical Centre, Sharjah
Dr. Sreekumar., Joseph PolyClinic
Dr. Subash Walkkinde, Welcare Hospital, Al Quasis
Dr. Taqi Al Mosawi, GDC
Dr. Tarek, Salama Hospital
Dr. Tariq, specialised medical centre
Dr. Tharwat, Health & Beauty Polyclinic
Dr. Udaya Kumar, NMC hosp
Dr. Velkiais, Medcare Hospital
Dr. Vimla Vinod, Emirates Diagnostic Centre
Dr. Yasser Elassiuty, Cosmesurge
Dr. Yezhisai Anbazhagan, GDC
Dr. Zachriah Mathew, Zack Medical Centre
Dr. Zuhair Abbas Al Sarraf, Al Sarraf Clinic
Mrs. Krassi Dimitrova, GDC
Ms. Eva, Prince
Ms. Olga, Prince