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Acne marks

My daughter had a severe acne problem.

We had tried all sorts of antibiotics and creams from the doctors, but nothing seemed to work.
She had a lot of acne scars as well which she was really conscious of and didn’t want to leave the house without any foundation.

I emailed the photos of my daughter to
He recommended:
1)Acnex cream morning & afternoon massaged into clean skin.
2)Skin vitamix cream massaged at night.
3)Moisturix cream once during the day for the dryness & irritation.

After 3 months of this regime, the Acne has almost disappeared, with very faint dark marks left.

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Best product for pigmentation

I suffer from hyper pigmentation from chloasma and the pigmentation is deep.
My sister recommended Lightenex Gold cream. I began to see the difference in about 9 weeks.
Definitely one of the best products available.

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Moisturix Spf 25 is the best moisturizer for winter

My skin is very dry in the winter, and Moisturix Spf 25 really feels great on my skin. It is a long acting moisturiser, so my skin does not dry out during the day. It also contains SPF 25 with anti-oxidants, so protects against the winter sun & wind damage.

I have been using this Mositurix Spf 25 for over five years now and I really love it!

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Love this product

After 3 months of using Anti Agex serum, followed by Skin Vitamix, I saw very obvious results which really made me happy.

This beauty regime miraculously not only reduced the fine lines, but also my skin felt smoother & more radiant.

I shall continue using these products, as my skin has not looked this healthy for many years.

I am originally from Pakistan.

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Scar Repairex by Pharmaclinix is extremely good in reducing Acne scars.
I have been using Scar Repairex cream for nearly four months now.
I was a bit disappointed at first, because I was expecting instant results.However, after about 2 months of perseverance, I started seeing a gradual reduction after about 3 months.I just compared pictures from today to 16 weeks ago that I saw just how big of a difference there was
Scar Repairex has definitely reduced the Acne scars.
I would definitely recommend giving it a shot!

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Great Moisturiser

I've been using Lightenex Hand & Foot cream for over 6 months now and can definitely see an improvement. The backs of my hands had started to darken andI was becoming very self conscious of it. Lightenex Hand & Foot cream has faded the hyperpigmentation dramatically.Its also a great moisturiser for hands and feet. I always keep it in my handbag &keep massaging the cream into my hands after washing. I use it at night on my feet. My cracked heels look a lot smoother too.Excellent hand & foot cream

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Acnex cream by Pharmaclinix

Acnex cream by Pharmaclinix has saved my life! i am now 36 years old. i have had acne breakouts since my teenage years, and i lived with the resultant dark marks ever since i can remember. i was told to lookup acnex cream by pharmaclinix by my pharmacists at harrods pharmacy. after much research i decided to buy Acnex. i thank my pharmacists for recommending the product not only does it prevent acne but treat too. in addition, it has lightened the dark marks of old acne. my skin has never looked more beautiful.

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The best hyperpigmentation cream i have ever used

I have been using Lightenex Gold cream for 3 months now.
Its really transformed my skin. I have suffered with very dark marks after my Acne had finished. My Doctor told me that Asian skin suffers with very bad hyperpigmentation after acne & that I needed to research into Skin lightening products which are professional strength.
After extensive web-surfing, I came across Lightenex Gold cream by Pharmaclinix. I decided to try this. I have been using Lightenex Gold cream at night, followed by Sun blockex spf 50 during the day.
My dark marks have faded a lot & my skin is absolutely glowing!

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Sandton, Jhb, South Africa

Pharmaclinix skin lightening facials are going to cause a STORM in the beauty indusrty.

My clients and I are getting incredible results immediately. Together with home care products results are phenomenal. Clients with hperpigmentation are seeing lightening instantly - All I can say is AMAZING. As a therapist I am confident to recommend this treatment and product range to my clients.

Try it and see the difference for yourself....

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Salma, Aesthetician, Salma’s Beuty, London

It was brilliant actually! I was never told I would see results straight away with any product. I am a beauty therapist myself and I use alot of treatment products and with this Pharmaclinix product I felt the effects straight away. I believe it worked as my skin was completely different before. I would definitely introduce it to future clients.

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Lubna Rafiq- Beauty consultant, UK

I would highly recommend the Pharmaclinix skin lightening facial to all my brides and clients. Trust me; it makes such a huge difference! It is very very important that my brides look radiant on their special day and Pharmaclinix skin lightening facial will do the trick. Trust me, it works

I am a skin care therapist and as you might know, I have dealt with a lot of products but, non like the Pharmaclinix range. When I first had the opportunity to try the products I wasn't so sure about the products. I do have sensitive skin and my skin would react with any 'new' product that touches my skin. I was so amazed by the results I had from Pharmaclinix itself. I then recommended it to most of my clients and they love the product.

I always say, what's good for me is good for my client! And I can live up to that by saying Pharmaclinix is 1 of the best line of products I have worked with and tried.