Scar Treatment Kit

The professional protocol to treat Atrophic scars (e.g. after Acne.)

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New Advanced Formulation

The Scar Treatment kit is the professional protocol to treat Atrophic scars (e.g. after Acne.)

Scars that are:

  • Shrunk
  • Contracted
  • Sunken
  • Disfigured

These scars require a more rigorous treatment for a fast & effective result.

This procedure is a well-established treatment that is carried out in Dermatologist’s clinics to restore smoother skin.

Step 1:

Use a Dermarollex® :
Using a 0.5 mm Dermarollex® roll the skin every night with sixteen passes over the affected skin. This should be done on clean dry skin.

Step 2:

After the dermarolling, Massage Scar Repairex® Ultra over the treated skin.

Step 3:

Massage Scar Repairex® Ultra again in the morning.

Wait ten minutes, then apply Sun Blockex® spf 50 sunscreen to protect the treated skin during the day.

Repeat the above procedure every day until the scar has shrunk.

Our special Home treatment contains Dermarollex® 0.5mm, Scar Repairex® Ultra cream (30gm jar).

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