These scars are basically contracted mature holes in the skin well after Acne has gone.

Unfortunately these scars are an affliction that affects mainly people who have dark skin tones.

They are given names such as ice pick scars, box scars etc.

The tragedy is not only that these are not given the importance they deserve but also that they are easily preventable!

Most dermatologists expend their energy in treating the Acute inflamed & infected stage of Acne while, totally ignoring this outcome.

There are warning signals of this scarring when the patient first consults a Dermatologist for Acute Acne outbreaks.

This comes as family history of siblings or parents, who have holes in their skin, usually on the face but can affect the chest & back.

Secondly,the darker the skin, the greater the risk of bad atrophic scarring.

Most dermatologists use oral long-term antibiotics or Isotretinoin known as the brand Roaccutane in managing moderate to severe acute Acne. These treatments are highly effective in managing and resolving the Acne. However, at a certain stage the sufferer is left with red, raised marks on the face. This is frequently misdiagnosed as Acne. The acute acne has by now long gone and the patient is given topical anti-acne preparations.

This proves to be a disaster because the sufferer now has Hypertrophic scarring and not Acne. There are only 3 months before this hypertrophic scar matures to contract and shrink leaving a terminal hole in the skin. This will now never change without a resurfacing procedure for example, with Dermarolling, dermabrasion, peels or laser.

Even with the above, the outcomes can vary and never satisfactory.

Therefore, most sufferers should be given treatment at this red mark stage (hypertrophic), which is usually 3 months after the oral treatment for acute acne began.

This topical treatment should include a combination of Occlusion, hydration, anti-inflammatories & healing promoters. Silicones are now the treatment of choice for occlusion, Hyaluronic acid is without a doubt the best skin hydrater. Salicylic acid 2% is an excellent & well researched topical ant-inflammatory agent. Vitamin C at 10% will promote rapid healing along with Retinaldehyde, Rutin & Bromelain , which are excellent plant derived anti inflammatory agents.

An exceptionally good combination of all the above ingredients is Scar Repairex® Ultra cream that should be massaged twice daily after three months of commencing the oral anti acne treatment. This will avoid the atrophic holes in skin so frequently seen.

*Results may vary in every individual.*