Acne skin care products are essential for Acne skin care. Acne prone skin require a specific skin care routine, which is explained in the video.

​How to take care of acne prone skin?

  • Avoid Frequent Handling of the Skin
  • Don’t squeeze the spots, as this leads to scars
  • Shave Carefully
  • Avoid a Sunburn or Suntan
  • Completely remove make-up before going to bed.
  • Clean Skin Gently
  • With a mild cleanser, once in the morning and once in the evening, and  after heavy exercise.
  • Thoroughly rinse your skin with lukewarm water.
  • Very hot/cold water makes it worse.
  • Do not use strong soaps or rough scrub pads, as it makes the problem worse.
  • Shampoo your hair regularly. If you have oily hair, you may want to wash it every day. Avoid letting your hair fall across your face.
  • Use oil-free cosmetics.
  • Wash your make-up brushes regularly to avoid re-infecting yourself.

Apply Acnex® cream by Pharmaclinix® twice daily.

Acnex® cream

  • Prevents Acne
  • Treats Acne
  • Reduces dark marks left by Acne

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