There are very few effective Acne treatment creams available.

Acne is more than a skin condition. It is a skin condition that affects your confidence, the way you present yourself in front of people, even the decisions you take.

80% of the population suffer with Acne sometime in their lifetime.

Most suffer during puberty, but it can erupt later in their lives too.

It’s even more difficult for Asians and Africans, as their skin is denser, and more susceptible to damage.

They usually suffer severe outbreaks and are then left with dark marks for life.

So what is the cause for acne?

Well, the bad news is it could be practically anything. Hormonal misbalance, specifically high levels of testosterone; hormonal changes during pregnancy and even some birth control pills; genetics; certain drugs – especially steroids and anti-depressants; greasy, low-quality cosmetics… You name it.

This is exactly why it’s so difficult to cure acne – with so many potential reasons for the problem, how are you supposed to find a one-size-fits-all solution? Would such thing even exist?

Well, there is a solution!

Acnex® cream developed by Pharmaclinix® is a unique acne cream that has Anti-inflammatory, antibiotic & skin whitening agents.

Its innovative formula helps to not only helps prevent acne, but treats the acne and clears the dark marks you may have from previous outbreaks.

Now, if you’ve tried some creams or products before that were supposed to be “amazing” – and for a while they probably were – but stopped working after a couple of weeks, here’s the reason: your skin gets used to the product and literally becomes immune to its effects. This won’t happen with Acnex – the ingredients in this product only enhance the natural ability of your body to fight acne. It works particularly well on Asian and African skin.

 Other than being extremely effective, Acnex is also affordable and super easy to use – just apply twice daily.

Skin Care Expert
Shashi gossain