There is a common perception that people with darker skin tones are less likely to contract skin cancer and that genetically, their darker skin does not need to be protected in the sun.

This is a total misconception in Asian and African communities, most of whom are totally ignorant to the effects and damages of prolonged sun exposure, as well as the need to protect against it.

In fact, many studies have proven that although people with darker skin are less prone to contract skin cancer, those unfortunate ones who do, are founded to be less likely to survive the disease due to late diagnosis because of the common misconception, and since it is usually more aggressive. This is why it is imperative that such communities are educated and made aware about skin protection from the sun, especially since most of these folk reside in sunny, hot climates.

This renowned misunderstanding amongst such societies has perhaps come about, because it is true that extra pigment in darker skin is less susceptible to sunburn – but this certainly does not mean dark skin is immune to skin cancer and sun damage.

Skin experts advise to use sunscreen that consists of factor 15 at least to block harmful UV rays. Sun Blockex by Pharmaclinix who harbour the best facial products in the UK, is a specialist sun protection cream, amongst their professional facial products which are made specifically for darker skin tones. What makes Sun Blockex ideal is that is consists of SPF 50, UVA and UVB reflectors, as well as chemical sunscreens enabling maximum skin protection. Its long lasting moisturizing action also allows utmost protection, which is what Pharmaclinix specialises in, with their collection of the best skincare products in the UK. Since Pharmaclinix is renowned as creating the best Asian skin care products, Sun Blockex protects against hyperpigmentation which is a common issue in darker skin tones, as well as being suitable to use if undergoing treatments like laser, micro-dermabrasion and chemical peels.

*Results may vary in every individual.*