Your skin can look dull & tired due to alcohol, stress, lack of sleep or just being run-down.

It’s now easy to perk up & look fresh & bright within a few minutes, using these simple steps.


One of the easiest ways to get brighter looking skin is by exfoliating your skin. A gentle enzymatic peel is great to get rid of the dead skin cells and polish up to give a more radiant glow. Lightenex® Face Wash & Scrub is excellent for Asian & darker skins.

Face Mask

Use a skin lightening face mask e.g. Lightenex® Face Mask, which not only deep cleans your skin, but also has whitening agents which brighten the skin within 20 minutes.


Always use a long-acting moisturiser with a sun protection factor.

This will not only hydrate the skin, but adds to the “glow”. Moisturix SPF 25 is great as it also contains anti-oxidants to reverse all skin damage.

Night Serum

Your skin repairs itself at night.

For the maximum results, use an intensive night serum, e.g. Anti Agex® Intense night serum. The high concentration of actives for skin whitening & anti-ageing are combined in the serum.

Eye care

In order to reduce the dark circles & fine lines around the eyes, use a good eye cream, e.g. Eyerix® cream, which will gradually reduce this symptom.

The dewy look trick

To add some more healthy glow to your face, use a highlighter powder to give your face a little more sparkle.

Shashi Gossain