Follow these simple 10 steps to maintain the perfect skin past your mid-life:

Many factors affect the ageing process.

There are two essential protein fibres that maintain our skin’s firmness and youthfulness—collagen and elastin.

However, we lose the collagen due to the damage from Free radicals in the air.

Also, as we grow older the production of these fibres reduces and the bond between them gets weaker, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and lack of hydration.

1. Use a Total Sun Block, e.g. Sun Blockex Spf 50.

This protects against both UVA and UVB. It prevents sun damage and skin cancer.

2. Excercise

 This increases your blood flow and promotes a glowing, healthy-looking  complexion. 

3. Stop smoking

Smoking destroys collagen and elastin.  It also decreases oestrogen levels in the body, which is necessary to keep the skin firm.

4. Diet control

The more balanced your diet, the younger you’ll look.

Sudden weight gain/loss will sag your skin.

5. Rest

Your skin repairs itself while you sleep.

Lack of sleep results in sagging skin & puffy eyes. You need a minimum of 7-8 hours sleep per day in order to keep your skin looking healthy.

6. Cleanse your skin.

Clogged pores lead to break outs & unhealthy skin.

7. Reduce Coffee & Soda intake

Having too much coffee can dehydrate you, causing your skin to break out. 

8. Drink water

The more you drink water, they more your skin will feel hydrated, as all the cells will be “plumped up” and fine lines will disappear.

Water cleanses out toxins and prevents breakouts and ageing.

9. Use Anti Agex Night serum

Your skin needs extra nourishment, anti-oxidants & collagen. Anti Agex Intense serum works throughout the night to combat the skin damage that happens during the day. Order now on

10. Use a long-acting day Moisturiser e.g. Moisturix spf 25.

Well moisturised skin repels Free radicals and prevents fine lines.

Moisturix contains vitamins & peptides with sun protection in an emollient base. Order now on

Beauty tip by
Shashi Gossain
CEO, Pharmaclinix Ltd