In many women, pregnancy or childbirth often ushers in dark mask-like pigmentation on their faces. This dark pigmentation is otherwise known as melasma and pregnancy mask. The hyperpigmentation after pregnancy is most dominant on the centre of the face, cheekbones and jawbone regions. Other areas where they can be rarely seen are upper regions of the neck and forearms.

Though the pigmentation often disappears over time, it may be permanent sometimes. Consequently, to get your beauty back after pregnancy, the importance of lightening this dark pigmentation can never be overemphasized. Here are some of the ways to lighten melasma after pregnancy:

·        Try out natural remedies

There are many natural substances that have the potential to lighten dark pigmentation after pregnancy due to some of the properties they possess. A few of them include aloe vera gel, a mixture of tomato or cucumber juice and milk, papaya paste, and Vitamin E-based oil. Others include a paste of mint leaves, powdered orange peels, and a mixture of honey and almonds. These substances are to be applied directly to the areas where there is melasma so that the dead skin can be peeled off. As part of your natural remedies, take plenty of water to detoxify your body. Notably, these natural substances may not be able to produce the desired effect quickly as they will only be able to do so after some months.

·        Use topical products

If you want fast results, you should consider getting topical products that can lighten melasma from pregnancy. The basic function of these products is to assist you to reduce the severity and intensity of the hyperpigmentation after pregnancy through the inhibition of the development of the pigment. If you would like to use a high-quality product to lighten the epidermal hyperpigmentation masking your face after pregnancy, you should get Lightenex® Plus. (

Most of the women that have used this product have been able to lighten dark pigmentation on their body and restore their skin to its rightful state.

·        Get treatment from a dermatologist

Another way to get rid of the melasma on your skin after pregnancy is to consult a dermatologist for further medical treatments. A dermatologist can help you lighten the pigmentation by using a chemical peel that is suitable for your condition. The specialist will determine the best type and mix of chemical peels that can help your condition.

Apart from using chemical peels, the dermatologist can also use microdermabrasion. This technique involves exfoliation of the top layers of the skin where there is an appearance of hyperpigmentation after pregnancy. For the exfoliation process, a vacuum suction, as well as aluminium oxide crystals or any other suitable abrasive materials, is used.

After using these treatments to lighten your melasma, you must bear it in mind that you may not get instant results. In many cases, your physician can recommend multiple treatments to ensure that you get the best results. No matter the treatments you have chosen to use, be patient and consistent in adhering to the treatment procedure and the pigment will slowly fade off.

Skincare Expert
Shashi Gossain