Atrophic scars are sunken scars.

They are often also called ice-pick, rolling or box scars.

They were at one stage raised but most people continue to treat it like acne, not realizing that the acne has gone & they have atrophic scars.

In this situation there is no inflammation left & the scar has matured.

Atrophic Scars are:

  • Shrunk
  • Contracted
  • Sunken
  • Disfigured

These scars require a more rigorous treatment for a fast & effective result.

The scar is full of contracted bands of fibrous collagen that pulls the skin resulting in the holes that you see in old scars.

Using any cream or serum at this stage is useless.

No treatment is useful unless these contracted fibrous bands can be cut to allow normal healthy collagen to grow & fill these holes.

This procedure of cutting fibrous bands & getting new skin is called resurfacing.

The three main procedures used are

  • Microdermabrasion,
  • Laser
  • dermarolling(micro-needling).

Of these, only a good quality Dermaroller is able to cut old fibrous contracted collagen.

This procedure is a well-established treatment that can be carried out at home.

Step 1:
Use a Dermarollex® :
Using a 0.5 mm Dermarollex® roll the skin every night with sixteen passes over the affected skin. This should be done on clean dry skin.

Step 2:
After the dermarolling, Massage Scar Repairex® Ultra over the treated skin.

Step 3:
Massage Scar Repairex® Ultra again in the morning.

Wait ten minutes, then apply Sun Blockex® spf 50 sunscreen to protect the treated skin during the day.

Repeat the above procedure every day until the scar has shrunk.

The Pharmaclinix special Home treatment contains Dermarollex® 0.5mm, Scar Repairex® Ultra cream (30gm jar).

Shashi Gossain
Skincare Expert