I have often been asked of how to lighten the body.

The skin on your body is much denser than on your face.

As a Cosmetic Scientist, I have studied various skin types, and tested many of the skin lightening treatments in trials.

The conclusion was that you needed specific ingredients in a base that will actually penetrate the skin to make a real visible difference.

This is because the skin on your body is much denser than on your face and most of the herbal or “home remedies” could not get into the skin to stop the melanin formation.

Lightenex® Body Lotion is a specialist skin lightening formulation which has been specifically formulated to lighten skin, including the sensitive areas, e.g. Groins, back of the neck & armpits.

It is packed with 8 high strength skin lightening Actives, including Kojic acid, Niacinamide, Arbutin, Tyramine, Liquorice extract, Mitracarpus Scaber extract, Vitamin E and Vitamin A in an emollient base with SPF 15. 

It is a whitening, conditioning & moisturising formula, leaving the skin on your body with a visibly healthy & fairer glow.

It’s now so easy to lighten your body.

You just simply wash the body, and exfoliate it using a firm sponge, in order to remove the dead skin.

Then apply the Lightenex® Body Lotion, until fully absorbed.

Lightenex® Body Lotion is recommended by leading Dermatologists worldwide.

If you would like to lighten your body, just order Lightenex® Body Lotion on