What Causes Acne?

Having oily or unwashed skin is what causes acne, right? This seems like a universal beauty truth. It’s definitely the culprit in a lot of cases, but it’s also a gross over-simplification in many others.

While some are dermatologically predisposed to pimples, including those with oilier skin or a slower cell turnover, the fact is many breakouts result from internal factors—especially hormones.

Some skin and health pros speculate that the location of a pimple can help give an indication of what unholy evil spawned it.

A food’s glycemic index—which measures how much insulin your body produces after you eat that food—is something to watch out for as well.

If you’re eating a lot of sugar and simple carbs all the time, your body is going to produce insulin all the time, and insulin is a precursor to a whole bunch of hormones that are known to be linked to acne.

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So how do you prevent pimples?

  1. Cut back on carbs & sugar.
  2. Eat more protein & whole grains.
  3. Follow a rigid skincare routine.
  4. Apply Acnex® cream twice a day.

Acne is particularly bad in dark skins, as they get worse acne flare-ups, with dark marks left after acne has subsided.

The best acne treatment for Asian, African & Ethnic skins has been formulated in Acnex® cream.

Acnex® is the only cream which:

  • Clears existing acne
  • Prevents new breakouts
  • Reduces blackheads
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Minimises the appearance of large pores
  • Fades dark marks

Acnex® cream contains Anti-bacterials, skin whiteners, with anti-inflammatory agents which also reduce the excessive oil production.

Acnex® cream contains Niacinamide, Dioic acid, Liquorice extract, Oleanolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Panthenol, Enantia Chlorantha Extract, Morinda Citrifolia Fruit Extract.

This formulation is safe to use with other oral medicines e.g. with antibiotics or Roaccutane therapy.

Why Acnex® is the best Acne treatment cream compared to others:

  • Stronger anti-microbial action
  • No antibiotic resistance, so can be used long term
  • No irritation to the skin
  • Can be used in sensitive skin
  • Can treat Rosacea and Pre-Menstrual outbreaks
  • Safe to use during pregnancy

Pharmaclinix® Advanced Cosmeceuticals produce a range of high strength Actives which reduce Acne in Asian & Ethnic skin.

Acnex® cream is now recommended by Dermatologists worldwide & available in leading Pharmacies.

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