Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation left after Eczema, or hyperpigmentation caused by inflammation, is a type of dermatologic mark that affects the face and body.

This is usually a reaction to inflammation, especially caused by eczema.

Eczema is a syndrome, a set of clinical signs and symptoms that are common to many conditions, and may be associated with several inflammatory skin diseases. These diseases are characterized by itching (pruritus), congestive redness of the skin (erythema) and rash. If the condition is short-lived, blisters may be observed, whereas when it becomes chronic the skin may thicken. The portion of the affected skin may vary from a small area to the whole body.

Ø Lightenex® body lotion is excellent as it contains high strength skin Lighteners to lighten the dark patches left due to eczema flare-up.

The purpose of this article is to explain how a regular use of these products will treat your post eczema hyperpigmentation based on medical facts.

Hyperpigmentation occurs when external or internal factors generate increased melanin production. The skin is discolored, mostly on the areas most frequently exposed to the sun. There are several forms of hyperpigmentation, such as age spots (age spots and freckles), melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (HPI).

Eczema-related hyperpigmentation may appear as pimples or papules without significant importance or as more serious injuries. That being said, the greater the inflammation, the more the macule of hyperpigmentation will be visible

The sun can worsen its manifestations by darkening the affected areas and lengthening the time it takes to fade.

Post-Eczema hyperpigmentation can be reduced by specific Active ingredients that act to reduce the melanin synthesis, without further aggravating the skin.

Lightenex® Body lotion by Pharmaclinix® can reduce Eczema hyperpigmentation as it contains:

Arbutin is a key ingredient of many skin lightening products used in Asia; it is a natural source of hydroquinone.

Kojic acid is a product of Japanese rice alcohol, sake. It is a natural products, and it is used by dermatologists in many countries.

Glycolic acid (or hydroxyacetic acid) is the acid used by dermatologists for chemical peels. It is a common active ingredient in the composition of many topical creams for hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin C derivatives have been shown to be effective in the treatment of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. They are often used in combination with other active ingredients.

This product also contains Vitamin A and E which allow a better functioning of the follicular system, and reinforce the skin immunity.

Lightenex® body lotion is a safe non acidic product. Thus, they will allow a quick and effective recovery without any side effects on the skin.

Clinically proven & established ingredients used on Asian skin have been incorporated to give the maximum result.

As a doctor, I advise this product for a regular use 2 to 3 times a week to treat hyperpigmentation.

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