Skin blemishes due to acne, burns, cuts, injury, bites or surgery, can often leave unsightly scarring, which can severely hamper your confidence.

​To make things even worse, unrealistic expectations are created by technological advancements such as photo-shopping and air brushing, enabling pictures of perfection – unreachable for any normal human being. The cosmetics industry has a huge role to play today, to cater to the increasing demand of those who wish to look flawless, and one of those demands includes making scarring less visible.

The most drastic treatments include steroid injections, whilst many opt for surgery to remove the scar. However, surgery is not for everyone and can be considered quite a costly measure and as a last resort, particularly if the scarring only affects a small area. Both procedures can be painful, which again acts as a deterrent for some to even consider these as options to treat their scarring.

This is why the expert minds behind one of the best skincare brands UK has identified the fact that inflammation contributes to the most troublesome types of scarring, making their scar-repair range extremely effective. The body reacts to skin damage by sealing the break with collagen immediately, which is caused by the swelling, redness and pain which is caused by inflammation.

As many other experts in the industry do not place as much importance on such imperative factors, this is why Pharmaclinix is considered to have the best skincare products in UK. Their expertise and knowledge enables them to address this issue by incorporating the most effective anti-inflammatory ingredients available into the best scar cream, including silicones which hydrate tissue, high strength vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, retinoids and rutin which is a natural anti-histamine.

Topical applications are a convenient combination of all aforementioned ingredients, making them the most effective remedy to treat scarring, which is the best creams for scars are Scar Repairex and Scar Repairex Ultra, both of which are acne creams by Pharmaclinix. Scar Repairex Ultra is most suitable for treating older scars and severe damage as a result of acne, burns or serious injury. Clinically proven to encourage the growth of normal, healthy skin cells, these scientifically developed formulations are guaranteed to remarkably improve the appearance of scars.

*Results may vary in every individual.*