Most women will encounter stretch marks at some point in their life, either due to pregnancy, results of rapid weight loss or gain, or due to growth spurts during puberty.

Most stretch marks are faint markings and will fade gradually over time, however sometimes they can cover a large area and can be darkened in colour, making them more noticeable. The most common areas affected by stretch marks are the tummy, buttocks, breasts, and thighs. Stretch marks appear when the skin is stretched, causing the middle layer of the skin to break, revealing the deeper layers. 

Which ingredients are not effective in treating stretch marks?
After rigorous clinical research and testing, experts behind the best skin care products in UK at Pharmaclinix have established that the factors to consider when treating stretch marks with topical ointments are to ensure they strengthen the skin by increasing collagen and then rapidly healing the tears. 

The creators of the best skincare products for women in UK also identified that amidst the array of stretch mark formulations available on the market, there are few that actually approach the aforementioned points in a logical manner, which is why so many women no longer hold much faith in topical antidotes, since they are not achieving the desired results. Upon further inspection, the reasoning behind this was found – the wide selection mainly consisted of the same substances such as moisturisers and emollients, neither of which actually address the cause and treatment of stretch marks. Another agent frequently used in these creams is Vitamin E oil, which can contribute towards treatment, however it is not powerful enough to deliver results alone, thus misleading consumers since this vitamin is widely marketed by big brands as being a sole saviour. 

Which ingredients will effectively treat stretch marks?
An effective stretch mark cream should contain vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, proteins and anti-inflammatory agents which will ensure the reduction of dark streaks, following regular massage of the ointment. 

Recognising the need for the appropriate contents and consistencies, experts at Pharmaclinix, which generate the best skin care products for women, have adeptly formulated Stretchex consisting of all vital ingredients including collagen stimulators such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, green tea and rutin extract and niacinamide. Along with these, it also combines necessary skin healers including silicones, Vitamin E, Carnitine, caffeine, hibiscus and kigelia extracts. 

Although men can be affected by stretch marks, women are mostly affected, which is why scientifically formulated range by Pharmaclinix are known to be affected, since their products are considered to be the best skincare for women in UK.  

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