It is significant to understand that sleeping late and tiredness are not the only causes of under eye dark circles, as is ordinarily renowned.

It is significant to understand that sleeping late and tiredness are not the only causes of under eye dark circles, as is ordinarily renowned.

Genetics also play a role and the biology behind it needs to be explained in order to differentiate between the plethora of products claiming to banish dark eye circles, especially when it comes to darker skinned people. Experts from the best skincare brand in the UK, Pharmaclinix have identified the key points behind dark circles, specifically when it comes to those with darker skin.

Dark circles appear when the thin layer of skin beneath your eyes make your blood vessels and the blood they consist, more visible than anywhere else on your body. Since these capillaries tend to rupture, red blood cells easily leave the blood vessels and embed in the tissue. The haemoglobin in these red blood cells deconstructs to a dark brown-blue pigment called Haemosiderin, which results in the under eye dark shadow. These capillaries that are susceptible to rupturing due to Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs), which are produced when proteins lining the capillaries combine with glucose, creating an inflammatory molecule, causing them to leak blood into the tissues. To prevent and diminish dark circles, any treatment product should entail anti AGE ingredients, together with sun protection factor of at least 15 and blood vessel vasoconstrictors such as caffeine.

Since skin loses elasticity as we get older, this is why the elderly are more prone to having dark circles, regardless of how much they sleep. The reason why dark circles are more prominent on people with darker skin is due to periorbital hyperpigmentation, a condition where more melanin is produced by the skin below the eyes, making it look darker. This is also why it is more difficult to treat and why it is essential to use products catered for darker skin tones.

Pharmaclinix has the widest skincare range suited to all types of skin tones, particularly darker skin, which is why it has been established as possessing the best skincare products in the UK. Notably aware of the ways to tackle this issue, the
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in their collection is Eyerix, containing all key ingredients mentioned above. It also reduces wrinkles by stimulating the production of collagen (a skin protein) and elastin, which will improve skin smoothness and elasticity. By suppressing inflammatory enzymes, puffiness is lessened around the eyes, whilst also regenerating fragile skin to prevent any signs of fatigue. Studies have proven that usage of this antidote after just few weeks will experience a visible reduction in melanin (dark colour), reduction in eye swelling and reduction in wrinkles.

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