Societies in which darker skin tones are predominant, often possess an unhealthy notion to make their skin fairer, mostly due to cultural and societal preferences and pressures.

To achieve their desired lighter skin tone, people are known to utilise skin bleaching products, made available by those who want to exploit the longing for fair skin. It is extremely significant to be aware of the ingredients that are safe to use in skin lightening products, whilst also understanding why and when it is acceptable to implement such ointments. 

Be aware and protect your skin

Skin lightening creams should only exist to treat conditions that affect people with dark skin, such as hyperpigmentation which is when an area of the skin darkens, caused by the overproduction of a pigment in the skin known as melanin. Since the purpose of these creams is to lighten skin, some formulations contain very strong ingredients such as a high dosage of steroids which can have serious side effects, as well as hydroquinone, which is a bleaching agent banned in the UK. As these substances are so harsh, any products consisting of these kinds of agents should only be prescribed by a doctor who identifies the need for medical reasons or by expert dermatologists. 

Unfortunately, there has been an emergence of products from abroad being sold in the UK illegally, full of harmful ingredients like those mentioned above, targeting the market who are conscious about their darker skin tone due to societal pressures and image. They are most dangerous since they have not been medically approved – which is usually for a reason. The British Skin Foundation found that 16% of dermatologists believed such lightening creams are totally unsafe, whilst 80% feel they are safe only when prescribed by dermatologists who identify the need for such strong usage. Unguided users of such creams reportedly suffer from thinning of skin, uneven colour loss resulting in a blotchy and sullen complexion, redness and severe irritation. 

Choosing the best products with most effective ingredients

If you have hyperpigmentation, it can be daunting to know which product to choose from the legal, safe plethora of ointments that are available. Experts at Pharmaclinix, which harbours the best skincare products for women in UK, place significant emphasis on using the appropriate in accordance to the depth and density of the dark patches on your skin. This is why Pharmaclinix’s formulations are considered the best skin care products in UK, as you can choose the most suitable ointment, depending on the extent of your conditions. These include Lightenex Gold Serum, containing a carefully proportioned combination of clinically proven chemicals. 

Since they are the minds behind the best skin care products in UK, Pharmaclinix experts have identified that many of the products available to treat hyperpigmentation have proven not to be effective, due to ingredients being used of no real substance and that will not really make a difference. Comprehensive clinical testing demonstrated that ingredients that should be used at 10%, were only being used in tiny proportions to save costs. Therefore, avoid products that do not state the present concentration of a substance – it probably does not consist of the correct amount to gain the results you desire. Harbouring the best skincare products for women, Pharmaclinix range consists of a diverse collection such as Lightenex Gold Cream, which uses the precise 10% of the vital Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, which is the proven correct amount to deliver results. 

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