Stretch mark roller is a dermaroller to reduce stretch marks.

After years of research, scientists have perfected a micro-needle device, which is used by the leading Aesthetic Dermatologists for fast and effective results.

Depending upon the size of the derma roller needle used; the roller head, studded with 192 solid core Titanium steel wedge shaped needles is very effective to increase the penetration of the powerful cosmeceuticals deep into the chosen target layer of skin.

Micro-Needling System has been clinically proven to give you these dramatic results even QUICKER!

The results achieved using a Dermarollex® are not temporary but can last for many years.

The Dermarollex® device:

• Increases the penetration of the powerful cosmeceuticals deep near the chosen target layer of the skin.

• Promotes healing by stimulating collagen & elastin production in the skin without damaging it.

• Promotes new blood vessel synthesis without damaging the epidermis.

  • Use EMLA local anaesthetic cream from your pharmacy to provide pain relief
  • Do not force the roller into the skin. Simply use mild pressure.
  • After the treatment, wash the Dermarollex® in sterilising fluid.
  • Apply Stretchex® cream by PharmaClinix®  to the skin, until absorbed.
  • Roll the head onto the skin, firmly, but slowly, to make sure that the needles penetrate the surface layer.
  • Roll at the same intensity four times each vertically, horizontally & diagonally.
  • Re-apply the cream after rolling the skin to get maximum benefit.
  • Use once a week, preferably before bed-time, gradually increasing to five times a week over 4 weeks.

Sterilizing your Dermarollex® after the treatment:

  • Wash the Dermarollex® under running hot water.
  • Sterilize the Dermarollex®, with household disinfectant or sterilising liquid.
  • Immerse in half a glass of the liquid for 15 minutes.
  • Shake off the excess fluid
  • Allow to dry completely, before putting into its plastic case.

Skincare expert
Shashi Gossain